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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Composition Learning Community (CLC)

The Composition Learning Community (CLC) supports students at the beginning of their college experience to help them see the value and application of college writing. Through additional support in and out of the classroom, the CLC will help students to succeed in college writing with the help of their peer mentors. This LC serves students in ENG 1010 (CRNs: 13932, 18405), ENG 1020 (11870, 12749, 12916, 18485, 18404, 15690, 18384, 19344, 12033, 1188), ENG 3010 (CRN: 19398), ENG 3020, and ENG 3050 (CRNs: 13931, 14783, 14189, 18200). Students in CLC classrooms present their work over the semester in an end-of-the-semester Writing Showcase where fellow students, peer mentors, instructors, and faculty come together to view and discuss student writing and learning.

Jule Thomas
(313) 577-2450

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