Kick Start College

Kick Start CollegeWayne State University wants to make your transition from high school to college easier with the new Kick Start College program, available to 500 incoming first-time, full-time freshmen. This program offers one (1) tuition-free, online general education course to eligible students during the upcoming summer semester, which runs for seven weeks, beginning June 24.

Students have the opportunity to select one course from the following options. Oral Communication (COM1010), Basic Writing (ENG1010), Introductory College Writing (ENG 1020), or Intermediate Writing (ENG3010). Not only will you get a jump on earning credits toward your degree, you'll also get a taste of what it's like to be a college student before your schedule ramps up to full time in the fall. 

Provost Keith WhitfieldA message from Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Keith Whitfield

"We know that students and families may be suffering hardships due to COVID-19. Wayne State wants to ensure that students feel they have an option for college coursework from a university that understands and cares about their situation."

The Kick Start College courses aim to assist students with the transition to college-level coursework and set the stage for prolonged student success throughout their time at Wayne State. Students should expect an inclusive learning environment, rich interactions and challenging activities.

Eligibility criteria

In order to participate in the program, eligible first-time freshmen must meet the following criteria:

Students who do not complete all steps will not be allowed in the course.

Next steps

Apply to Wayne State
If you have not yet applied to Wayne State for fall 2020, start here.

Application status page
If you're unsure of your admission status, check your application portal to view your individual checklist.

Register for orientation
Before you fill out the request form, be sure to sign up for orientation.

Kick Start College request form
If you meet the criteria listed above, you're ready to fill out the Kick Start College request form using the login information used for your application. Once you have submitted your form, you'll receive information about your eligibility and next steps.

Read the press release.

Contact us

We're happy to answer any questions you may have! Please email

Frequently asked questions

What are the main benefits to enrolling in Kick Start?

As well as being better prepared to hit the ground running in the fall, students who participate in the program will earn college credit, be exposed to the benefits of online learning at Wayne State, and develop the critical written and oral communication skills that they'll need to be successful at the university level. Students should expect an inclusive learning environment, rich interactions and challenging activities.

Will this affect my financial aid in the fall? And what if I have other questions related to enrollment and financial aid?

Enrollment in the Kick Start program will not affect your financial aid in the fall and you do not need to apply for spring/summer aid . For all admission and financial aid questions, contact the Student Service Center at 313-577-2100 or

Is the Kick Start program really free?

The largest cost involved – tuition – is totally free. You may have to buy textbooks and other course materials.

Can I take more than one course?

The Kick Start program is limited to one course only. The format of the summer semester Kick Start program is fast-paced and intensive. Additional classes are not recommended. However, if you do decide to register for other summer classes, you will be responsible for any tuition and fees for those courses.

I submitted the request form. How will I know if I've been approved to take a course?

You will receive an email to your WSU account within two weeks of submitting your request form. The email will outline next steps. You do not have to be registered for the fall at the time you request a Kick Start College course, but must have your fall courses finalized by Friday, June 19 to maintain eligibility. 

If I am approved to take a course, how do I register?

The Kick Start team will take care of that for you! You'll receive an automatic response as soon as you are enrolled in the course. Kick Start College courses begin on June 24. 

I received my course placement and registration, what books to I need?

Keep an eye on your Wayne State email for communication from your intructor regarding the course. You should also see the course in your Canvas account where you can look for announcements. 

While I am waiting for my class to begin, how can I prepare?

There are multiple ways to help you prepare for success in your course. Check out these resources below:

Because I am not a freshman, I cannot take advantage of the Kick Start program. But are there other ways that I can attend Wayne State at a reduced cost or through scholarships?

Wayne State offers a wide variety of financial aid, grants and scholarships to qualified students in any year of their coursework toward a degree. To explore your options, visit the Financial Aid web site.

What if I complete the free summer course and decide not to continue in the fall (due to finances, illness, etc.)?

There are provisions in place that will resolve this issue. The credit for the coursework you completed during the summer will still be awarded.