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Responsible Conduct of Research

New program in Responsible Conduct of Research for PhD students and Postdoctoral Scholars

The Graduate School is pleased to announce a new institution-wide comprehensive program to provide training in Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) practices for PhD students and Postdoctoral Scholars.  This program will be mandatory for all new PhD students and Postdoctoral Scholars in the 2016-2017 academic year.  In accordance with the Higher Learning Commission's Integrity training requirements, the Graduate School has developed a program that will work with the individual departments to provide comprehensive training in responsible conduct of research practices.  While the basis of integrity training rests largely with the Research Advisor, the Graduate School's goal is to assist by providing training in the Core Curriculum aspects of RCR first through a centralized university-wide process. The Research Advisor and Departments would then be expected to provide discipline-specific specialized training to students within their areas.

RCR training will be delivered in part through a newly developed Graduate School course GS0900 titled: "Essential Research Practices: Responsible Conduct of Research".  This course will be a zero credit hour course presented as either pass/fail, so there will be no costs associated with registration for new PhD students. Postdoctoral Scholars can use the Tuition Assistance Program to cover the costs of registration, etc. associated with this course.  All scholars will be required to attend two day-long courses scheduled for May 15th, 2017 and May 16th, 2017. Alternate arrangements will be made only for students who are unable to attend on those dates due to religious or cultural restrictions.

A prerequisite for GS0900 will be successful completion of Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) basic online responsible conduct of research modules (provide URL), selected to be applicable to all students.  CITI Training topics include: Authorship, Collaborative Research, Conflicts of Interest, Data Management, Financial responsibilities, Mentoring, Peer Review, Plagiarism. Through the GS0900 course, the students will be provided additional training in RCR practices through the day long workshop and breakout session discussion type format.  The final stage of our RCR training program will be delivered by the individual departments (through programs that already have established or through newly developed initiatives, possibly linked to student orientation).  Training at the Departmental level will provide students and Postdocs with the focused instruction on topics specific to the student's field.  There will be an essay component at the end of the program that students and Postdocs will complete to receive a passing grade in GS0900.

Contact information: Dr. Timothy Stemmler (ai6877@wayne.edu) Assistant Dean of the Graduate School.

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