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Mentoring resources

Wayne State University is fully committed to providing strong mentoring to maximize the success of our students and faculty by helping them achieve their full potential academically, emotionally and socially. 


A network of faculty mentors, peer mentors and near peer mentors collaborate to give their undergraduate and graduate students mentoring in a series of programs that include learning communities, seminars, workshops and meetings. These sessions include activities such as:

  • building professional development skills
  • navigating race and identity issues in academia
  • mapping and developing one's own mentoring network

Monthly topics are determined by the students so that they take ownership of their own development, and faculty model open and frank communication about difficult issues that students may face. The interdisciplinary nature of the group allows students to engage with peers across campus and not feel like "the only one" in their programs, share successes in a supportive environment, and engage in effective problem-solving when there are academic or mentor-mentee challenges.

The weekly Graduate and Postdoctoral Professional Development Seminar Series offers students the opportunity to gain mentoring and advice from faculty across campus in topics such as work-life balance and managing mentor-mentee relationships, as well as topics such as constructing effective poster and oral presentations, resume development, and the creation of teaching portfolios.

Faculty and staff

Mentor training for faculty and staff is provided in collaboration with the NIH-funded NRMN and their Train-the-Trainer program. Individual Development Plans (IDPSs) as well as Compacts developed by the AAMC are used to facilitate mentoring relationships between research advisors and their doctoral and postdoctoral trainees. Specifically for faculty, Wayne State University offers university-wide mentoring programs including a mentoring program for department chairs and academic directors, research mentoring programs for new faculty and programs through departments, schools and colleges.