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Graduate Professional Scholarship

The Graduate School annually sponsors the Graduate Professional Scholarship competition for tuition scholarship awards for fall and winter Semesters. To apply for the scholarship, applicants must have submitted an admission application to a Wayne State graduate program. To be eligible for consideration for the award, applicants must be admitted to a graduate program by May 1. Awards are based primarily on academic qualifications.

2017-18 Graduate Professional Scholarship Competition
Deadline: April 1, 2017


Award information

  • Scholarship awards provide payment for the resident tuition assessment only.

  • The scholarships will provide a minimum of six graduate credit hours and a maximum of 10 graduate credits each for the fall and winter semesters.

  • Applicants will be notified of the competition results in June 2017.

  • The scholarship will pay only for graduate courses that count toward degree requirements. It will not pay for undergraduate, audited or dropped courses.

  • The scholarship review process is conducted by a selection committee of university faculty. Award decisions are not subject to appeal.

  • Applicants must reapply to be considered for subsequent years.


  • Students pursuing advanced professional degrees (Ed.D., M.S.W.) or graduate degrees (master's, Ph.D.) in all Wayne State University schools and colleges are eligible. Students pursuing the PharmD., J.D. or M.D. are ineligible and should consult the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Law School or School of Medicine respectively concerning financial assistance.
  • Students must have applied for admission to a Wayne State graduate or advanced professional degree program before they can apply for the Graduate Professional Scholarship.
  • To be considered for a Graduate Professional Scholarship award, new students must be formally admitted to an advanced professional or graduate program by May 1, 2017. Students admitted to post-bachelor, graduate non-degree and graduate certificate programs are not eligible.

Application requirements

The online scholarship application has five parts:

  1. Personal Data 
  2. Personal Statement 
  3. One recommendation letter
  4. New Students - Transcripts from all degree-granting universities attended
  5. Current Students - A current Wayne State University transcript

All parts of the completed scholarship application must reach the Graduate School by the April 1, 2017, deadline. Incomplete, late or ineligible applications will not be processed for review.

Conditions for acceptance of an award

  • Recipients must be admitted to a degree program by May 1, 2017, and enroll in a graduate or advanced professional degree program at Wayne State during the fall and winter semesters for which the award is given.
  • Recipients must make satisfactory progress in all courses and must register for a minimum of six graduate credit hours each semester to retain the scholarship award.
  • Recipients may not hold:
  1. A graduate assistantship (GRA, GSA or GTA)
  2. A tuition-paying internship
  3. A tuition-paying fellowship
  4. A tuition-paying scholarship
  5. A full-time WSU position with tuition benefits
  • The scholarship must be used during the period for which it is granted: fall 2017 and winter 2018 semesters.

Application instructions

  1. Complete the Personal Data section. "Michigan Resident" is defined in the current Graduate Bulletin. In general, if you have come to Michigan for the purpose of going to school, you are not considered a resident and will be charged non-resident tuition. Indicate the date you first attended Wayne State as a graduate student or indicate fall 2017 as the semester for which you are applying for admission.
  2. Complete the Personal Statement form. State your educational background and professional objectives clearly. We encourage you to prepare your statement carefully.
  3. Have one recommendation letter completed by an individual who can assess your academic or professional qualifications. The recommendation should be from a person able to judge you academically. The recommendation letter must be received by the scholarship deadline date of April 1, 2017, and submitted via email from the recommender directly to gradscholarships@wayne.edu. Please submit a current letter of recommendation.
  4. Transcripts are required from all colleges and universities you attended that awarded you a degree, as well as from WSU (if appropriate). WSU student copies of transcripts can be accessed from Academica. If fall semester 2016 is your first semester of attendance, a copy of your grade report is acceptable in lieu of a WSU transcript.
  5. All students attending Wayne State University must include their WSU Access ID/email address, in order to ensure student documentation is accurate with the student applying for the Graduate Professional Scholarship.

The Scholarships and Fellowships Office of the Graduate School cannot obtain your documents from any previous Graduate School file or from your file in another campus office.

For current Wayne State students, you must use your Access ID or alternate email on file with Wayne State University in order to access the application link form to complete the Graduate Professional Scholarship application process. Students who have been admitted to a WSU program, but have not registered for courses yet may use their temporary WSU Access ID in the form.

For new students, please wait at least one week after submitting your graduate admissions application before applying for the Graduate Professional Scholarship. This allows the electronic systems to sync up with the information that is already on hand. Please contact gradscholarships@wayne.edu with any issues or questions that you may have. We wish all students luck in their pursuit of the Graduate Professional Scholarship.

In response to technical difficulties with the original Graduate Professional Scholarship form, we have created a new application form for the Graduate Professional Scholarship. The April 1st deadline is still valid for this scholarship.
Students who have completed an application using the old form are not required to complete the new application. "Completed" means the student has filled out the online form and the letter writer was able to submit their letter online as well.

However, the following groups of students are strongly encouraged to complete the new application form:
1) Students who have encountered problems that have not been resolved AND/OR
2) Students and their letter writers that have not completed an application.

The scholarship deadline is April 1, 2017.