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The Versatile Ph.D.

An online resource to help humanities, social science, and STEM Ph.D. students identify, prepare for, and succeed in non-academic careers.

Wayne State graduate students, postdocs and staff have free access to premium resources provided through the University's subscription to Versatile Ph.D.

For access from Academica (WSU’s portal):

  1. Log in to using your Access ID and password
  2. Click on Student Resources and then Other Resources in the WSU Resources menu on the right-hand side, then click Versatile Ph.D.
  3. At the Versatile PhD login page, create a VPhD member account if it's your first time. If you already have an account, sign in as usual.

Please contact BEST@wayne.edu with any questions.

Once inside Versatile Ph.D., an on-screen notification will confirm an upgrade to your account that unlocks every resource on the site. The student will also be notified of the following:  "The upgrade will last for 3 years. In that time, you may come directly to Versatile Ph.D. After that time, return to the WSU portal Academia and click through the Versatile Ph.D. link to enable the upgrade again."

Once you reach Versatile Ph.D., visit the Ph.D. Career Finder, see the overview of careers. Click on any one career and you'll find "Real Life Examples" such as:

- FIRST JOB: Authentic resumes and cover letters that got real Ph.D.s their first jobs away from the faculty track, with detailed first-person narratives describing exactly how each person made the non-academic pivot. See the application and hiring process step by step.

- Q&A: Archived panel discussions of specific Ph.D-friendly careers provided by Ph.D.s in those careers, with detailed answers to grad student questions.

- LONG TERM: Inspiring first-person stories by experienced post-academic Ph.D.s describing how their careers evolved over several years after moving out of the academy, including promotions, advancement, and signature accomplishments.

You can also visit the Members page and use Power Search to find post-academics in a wide variety of fields - and you can Private Message them through the site!