SAP and your academic plan

An academic plan is required for your appeal

An academic plan, or plan of work, is important to your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). An acadmeic plan is required if you are not meeting SAP standards and are below the minimum GPA or 67% pace of progression.

Undergraduate students

Degree Works 

Undergraduate students can use Degree Works to develop and print an academic plan.

Graduate students


Graduate students can use STARS to create a plan of work.

  1. In STARS, log on using your AccessID and password.

  2. If you have selected a major, run a Degree Audit Evaluation to identify the courses you need to take.

  3. Select 'Plan of Work' under 'Deg Audit.'

  1. Select the courses you plan and add them to your semester plan.
  • Select courses for each semester you will attend until your program is complete or you will meet SAP standards.

  1. Save and exit
  2. Print your Plan of Work to attach to your SAP Appeal.

Degree audit worksheet

To ensure you are meeting your academic program’s requirements, please consult the program’s website, the university bulletin or an academic advisor in your school/college.

Undergraduate students will be able to use Degree Works to review and print the degree worksheet.

Graduate students will need to use STARS to print the degree audit.

  1. In STARS, click on the Deg Audit heading at the top of the page and pull down to the Generate New Evaluation link.
  • If you believe your major in STARS is not correct, you will need to speak with your department in order to get your major updated.

To submit the Degree Audit as part of your appeal:

  1. Save this degree audit as a PDF, or
  2. Click on 'Output' to print your Degree Audit.