SAP and the STARS GPA calculator

Required for your appeal

It is important to your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) that you identify a point in time that you will meet SAP standards. The STARS GPA Calculator will help you identify your semester goals to meet GPA and pace requirements.

  1. In STARS, log on using your Access ID and password.

  2. Select 'GPA Calculator' under the GPA's heading.

  1. Enter the credit hours you expect to take each semester.

  2. Enter the GPA you expect to achieve each semester.

  1. Indicate the number of transfer credits, if any.
  2. Remember to click 'Compute'.
  3. Use the results to fill in the blanks on your SAP Appeal form.

Note: You must be able to demonstrate a realistic plan to achieve satisfactory academic progress before earning over 150% of your program credit hours.

For example:

  • Undergraduate degrees require a minimum of 120 credit hours - Attempted credit hours must be 180 or less (120 credits x 150% = 180 credits)

  • Master's degrees generally require 45 credit hours - Attempted credit hours must be 68 or less (45 credits x 150% = 68 credits)

Semester Key

201706 Spring/Summer 2017
201709 Fall 2017
201801 Winter 2018
201806 Spring/Summer 2018
201809 Fall 2018