About WSU

Our vision

WSU will be a pre-eminent, public, urban research university known for academic and research excellence, success across a diverse student body, and meaningful engagement in its urban community.

Our mission

Wayne State’s mission is to create and advance knowledge, prepare a diverse student body to thrive, and positively impact local and global communities.

Our values

Our values guide us in our approach to work, our expectations of performance and behavior, our assessment of results, and our approach to working together. Our values cut across organizational activities, bind us culturally, and permeate our strategic and tactical initiatives. These values include:

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

Our strategic focus areas and goals

Student success: To ensure that all students have the opportunity to excel, we will cultivate a culture of student success; create clear academic pathways that support progressive student success; increase retention, progress to degree, and graduation rates for all students; and enhance academic and career training for all graduate students.

Teaching excellence: To equip our students with the tools and training they need to succeed, we will enhance a culture that values teaching excellence by identifying and encouraging the adoption of best teaching practices and the improved delivery of learning outcomes campuswide. We also pledge to improve the quality of faculty-student relationships and graduate student training and mentoring.

Diversity and inclusion: A “Distinctively Wayne State” student experience is an environment where diversity is valued broadly. To achieve this, we will leverage our diversity to create an inclusive campus where every group and individual feels valued, and we will implement and enhance academic programs focused on cultural, language and global competencies.

Community engagement: Our location in the heart of Detroit is an integral part of our identity, and we will continue to enhance our leadership in Detroit’s revitalization; develop innovative, sustainable, and mutually beneficial community-based service-learning experiences; and maintain and enhance Wayne State’s reputation for high-quality community engagement.

Research: As a premier, urban research university, we are committed to ensuring that Wayne State becomes a world leader in discovery and knowledge application. To do this, we will nurture and expand the research and discovery mission; develop the infrastructure and processes necessary to support research, knowledge application, and broad programmatic initiatives; grow research-based revenue; enhance our pipeline of student researchers; and communicate and expand awareness of excellence in research, discovery, and knowledge application.

Entrepreneurship: We commit to enabling Wayne State to become a hub of innovation, where new ideas are developed into new ventures; students and faculty collaborate to mentor community, urban, and minority entrepreneurs; and industry leaders and startup CEOs seek innovative resources. To do this, we must create a thriving culture where new ideas and ventures are consistently developed and rewarded and simplify, coordinate and enhance the process of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Financial sustainability and operational excellence: In order to provide adequate resources to support the university’s mission while maintaining a value-based tuition structure, we plan to increase enrollment, develop a culture of philanthropy throughout the university community, diversify and enhance sources of revenue, achieve operational excellence in all processes, and ensure environmental sustainability.


Wayne State University is accredited as a doctoral degreegranting institution by the regional accrediting agency, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. More than 40 specific programs and curricula are accredited individually by specialized or professional accrediting agencies. An annual report to the Board of Governors designates the accrediting agencies of the university’s programs; the report is available from the Office of the Board of Governors, 4231 Faculty/Administration Building, and at bog.wayne.edu.

Impact on Michigan

Like any great university, Wayne State’s three most easily recognized contributions to the life of its home state are an educated, informed workforce; the creation and application of new knowledge; and direct, practical services to the broader community. Through programs, partnerships, the fruits of its research and the talents of its alumni, Wayne State University plays a significant and increasingly influential role in Michigan’s educational, social, cultural and economic life.

Wayne State University also makes a significant contribution to Michigan’s economic vitality. Public and private resources invested in the university yield economic benefits to the state through increased employment, local expenditures, gross state product and tax revenues. Wayne State’s annual economic impact to the state of Michigan has been estimated at $2 billion.

The university has a substantial effect on the economy of Southeast Michigan. Contributing factors include:

  • WSU’s non-payroll expenditures for teaching, operations and research
  • Expenditures by students, faculty and staff, and visitors
  • Direct state taxes paid on earnings because of WSU expenditures