The pathway to our analysis and revision of general education is guided by the following principles:

  • The process will be an open conversation with the campus community: faculty, staff, students, and alumni.
  • Faculty will lead the process.
  • The committee will use the best available data about our students and institution.
  • Curriculum design will be attentive to established best practices and current research supporting student learning.

Download the charge to the committee from the Provost (PDF)

Phase 1: Starting line

To start the review, the committee will collect and examine data relevant to understanding the history and current state of general education at Wayne State and nationally. The committee will then conduct a series of focus groups, faculty surveys and other events to gather multiple perspectives from the campus community. During this process, the committee will also present relevant materials and solicit feedback through town hall gatherings and other open meetings with faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

Data collected from our surveys and town halls are summarized here:

Phase 2: Values and parameters

After collecting data and feedback during Phase 1, the committee will draft a statement of purpose for Wayne State's General Education program, a description of the kinds of learning that should be furthered by Gen Ed courses, and the values that should distinguish Wayne State's program.

Download a copy of our Principles guiding general Education reform

Phase 3: Outcomes and objectives

Guided by the principles outlined in Phase 2, the committee will then develop broad learning outcomes and course objectives for Wayne State's General Education program. This process will be guided by the following concerns as identified in the charge:

  • Supporting the values and parameters articulated in Phase 2.
  • Aligning outcomes and course objectives with current research on the goals and needs of twenty-first century college students.
  • Complementing and enhancing Wayne State's mission statement.

Phase 4: Curriculum design

The committee will develop a curriculum that achieves the goals identified in the earlier phases of the process. We will solicit feedback on these plans from the University community before drafting a formal proposal. The draft proposal will include a rationale which outlines how the overall program structure manifests our university's mission and distinctiveness while advancing the learning goals and outcomes of Wayne State's General Education curriculum. 

Next steps:

Since the framework for a proposed revision of General Education program was announced to the campus community in May 2016, the General Education reform committee has been engaged in a process of collecting feedback  which is being used to revise this framework towards a final proposal. This phase of the process is documented under Proposal Updates