Focus group and survey data

An essential component of this reform process is an open dialog with the university community about the kind of program that is best for our students and is representative of the strengths and goals of our university.  To this end, we held a series of focus groups during Winter and Summer semester 2015 to initiate this dialog (A schedule of the focus groups we held is posted under Communicate on this website.). These meetings focused on our collective aspirations for general education: what are the qualities of the ideal graduate of Wayne State, and how can General Education facilitate this?

In addition to the focus groups, we also constructed on-line surveys to reach out to as much of the campus community as possible. We constructed two separate surveys; one for students, and one for faculty and staff.  These surveys emphasized different things: The student survey focused on student’s perception of General Education; their knowledge of its purpose and goals, and their experiences within their courses.  The faculty/staff survey focused on values and learning outcomes, many centered on the LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes

As data becomes available, we will post it below:

Data Collection Process overview.  A summary of how we organized the focus groups, and constructed the surveys.

The student perspective of General Education. Information collected from our students about their experiences in our General Education program, and their unique view of the purpose of GenEd. 

  • Summary of data from students.  This document provides a broad summary of information collected from students both both from our public survey and our focus groups. 
  • Survey data.  The complete results of the public survey administered to our students, including many insightful open-ended comments.

The faculty and staff perspective on General Education.  Information collected from on-line surveys and focus groups. Summary reports of this data are currently being prepared and will be posted when available.

Academic Advisors perspective on General Education at WSU. The GERC invited the Academic Advising Council to provde their perspective on General Education at WSU.  They conducted a series of structured interviews with advisors across campus to compile this report, which also shares their view on how we should approach GenEd reform.

Focus group data.  A summary of over 100 pages of data collected during our campus focus groups. The data analysis emphasizes points of consensus amongst all campus groups.