Engaging GenEd

The university's mission is to create knowledge and prepare a diverse body of students to excel in an increasingly complex and global society. What does it mean to be a Wayne State graduate?  What skills, knowledge, experiences, and competencies are integral to the Wayne State Community in the 21st century? The answers to these questions are at the heart of General Education.

We have commenced a wide-ranging examination of Wayne State's current General Education requirements, seeking to understand how they contribute to the development of knowledge and competencies that shape and prepare our students for lifelong learning and success.   We invite you to join the conversation and contribute your perspectives on how we can best enrich learning and contribute to a distinctively Wayne State experience for all of our students.


A final proposal from the General Education Reform Committee was accepted by the General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC) on May 1, 2017. Please download and read the proposal, and share your views with the GEOC.

Download the final proposal from GERC here

Across the summer of 2017, the President and Provost negotiated with the Policy Committee of the Academic Senate on a revised version of the proposal. This revised proposal will be presented to the full Academic Senate.

This revised framework can be downloaded here


Read our Guiding Principles for General Education Reform

Read our Learning Outcomes for General Education

On this site

  • Roadmap: An overview of our process, and the charge to the committee.
  • Learn and Discuss: A blog on important issues centered on General Education, with the opportunity for you to contribute to the discussion.
  • Data: Information collected from our institution about our students, our program, and the views of our community.
  • Resources: Publications and information from outside of our institution on General Education.
  • Communicate: Information about upcoming community forums, and information for submitting position statements to the committee for public dissemination.
  • Committee: The committee roster, with contact information.

Read a brief overview of our current General Education program.

Read a detailed description of our current General Education program.