Advice to fellow transfers: Learn about articulation agreements and visit campus for a smooth transition

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April 3, 2017

The best piece of advice Louise McKenzie offers prospective transfer students is to become familiar with the Michigan Transfer Agreement that exists among the state’s colleges and universities to facilitate the maximum transfer of course credit.

She credits the MTA (formerly MACRAO) for paving the way for her smooth transition last fall from Grand Rapids Community College to Wayne State, with an associate of arts degree in hand.

“I signed the agreement immediately, monitoring my progress with the transfer credit evaluation I found (on Wayne State’s Transfer Student Success Center website),” says McKenzie.

Wayne State has been on McKenzie’s radar since she enrolled at GRCC four years ago and discovered WSU’s mortuary science program through her advisor.

Having satisfied Wayne State’s general education requirements, and earning an associate’s degree, McKenzie marks another milestone in May by completing course obligations for a minor in psychology. 

Keeping in contact with academic advisors and the TSSC team is a key to success for McKenzie, who has changed her career plans from funeral director to middle school social worker, and is hopeful of being admitted to the School of Social Work for the Fall 2017 semester.

Another piece of advice from McKenzie is to learn ahead of time about the university’s social side.

Speaking from experience, she recommends visiting campus for Open House and Transfer Student Days.  Having attended several times, she says, those visits provided an authentic, firsthand look at what to expect from campus life.

McKenzie lives in the Towers Residential Suites, enjoying Thursday in the D outings organized by the Campus Activities Team and Learning Community events sponsored by the TSSC.  She likes the fact that living on campus puts her in the middle of activities, like cheering on Warrior football and basketball teams.