Health and safety guidelines

The following guidelines are designed to ensure the safety of the Wayne State University campus community. For additional questions about the latest COVID-19 information or campus health and safety guidelines, contact the Campus Health Committee at

Get vaccinated

 All students, faculty and staff must submit proof of vaccination for the full COVID-19 vaccine and one booster. The flu vaccine is also required.  Appointments are available at the Campus Health Center for all vaccines. If you have not yet been vaccinated, we urge you to do so as soon as possible.

On campus

The following guidelines are required before being physically present on campus.

  • Fill out the Campus Daily Screener: Complete the Campus Daily Screener — available on the Wayne State website and on the Wayne State mobile app — each day before coming to campus. This includes all course-related experiences, including clinical or field experiences that might be conducted at another location.
    • If you are cleared to be on campus, you will receive a QR code that you may be asked to produce.  
    • If you are not cleared to be on campus, you will be contacted by the Campus Health Center staff for further screening.  You may then be cleared, or you may be referred for testing. 
  • If you have symptoms or have been exposed, stay home: The Campus Health Center will arrange testing for those living on campus who experience symptoms of COVID-19. 
  • Face coverings indoors: masks are optional in most campus locations. 

Communicating COVID-19 cases on campus

Wayne State University's Campus Health Center (CHC) is responsible for all  campus-facing communication regarding COVID-19 cases. This allows the university to continue providing the most timely, accurate and consistent information to the campus community. 

  • Those who may have had nonsignificant contact, such as building occupants, will also receive an email notification from the CHC informing them of the case. These individuals will not be asked to self-quarantine but will be encouraged to continue monitoring for symptoms.
  • Decisions regarding building closures will be determined by the Campus Restart Committee's Public Health Subcommittee and communicated accordingly by the CHC.

Campus Public Health Metrics

Adapted from:  Tuscany Strategy Consulting, Center for Health Security Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Council for Higher Education Accreditation, COVID-19 Planning Guide and Self-Assessment for Higher Education, (June 2020).

The COVID-19 Dashboard allows the university to track cases on campus as well as testing outcomes. These data, combined with data regarding the surrounding community and region, will be used to inform decisions related to campus operations. The following tables provide an overview of how these data will guide the university's response to increased cases and outbreak clusters, and what those action steps will look like. 

Continuum of actions

Continuum of actions graphic, described below

Severity Action
Least Severe

As Planned
Continue campus operations as per fall restart plan

  Heightened Alert
Be prepared for increasing restrictions on campus activities
  Targeted Actions
Move operations for specific populations (department/class section/lab/residence floor) to remote operations
Most Severe Depopulate Campus
Move all but essential activities off campus

Tipping Point Metrics



Heightened Alert

Targeted Actions

Depopulate Campus

On Campus

What percentage of tests are positive?

Greater than 5%



On Campus

Are there clusters (defined as 5 or more cases related to each other via contact tracing) of cases?

1 cluster

2 clusters in a seven-day period

3 or more clusters in a seven-day period

On Campus

Are the number of cases on campus increasing?

Weekly incidence rate >4/100 Weekly incidence rate >8/100

Weekly incidence rate >14/100

On Campus

Are stakeholders complying with public health measures?

Anecdotal evidence reveals lack of desire to comply with interventions

If combined with other indicators

If combined with other indicators


In the region

What phase of re-opening is our region of the state in?

State pauses re-opening in our region of the state


If state reverts to earlier stage in our region of the state

In the region

Is the percentage of positive tests in the city of Detroit increasing or decreasing?

> 5% positivity over a seven-day period

>10% positivity over seven days

> 15% positivity over a seven-day period

In the region

Is there sufficient hospital capacity in the county?
(This metric applies only in the event of a "surge" defined as >30 COVID admissions/site/day)

Fewer than 25% of hospital beds and/or 25% of ICU beds are available


Fewer than 15% of hospital beds and 15% of ICU beds are available