Housing, dining and campus retail subcommittee

Following shutdown and a successful fall restart of campus operations, these committees continue to meet on a regular basis and decision made by them have become standard university operating procedure. Please refer to the top-level coronavirus homepage for ongoing updates. The individual subcommittee pages are no longer being updated. 


Updated June 1, 2020 


  • For students interested in living on campus, virtual housing tours are available; for a personal appointment, email housing@wayne.edu. The June 30, 2020 housing license agreement cancellation deadline has been extended until July 20, 2020.
  • Fall 2020 housing move-in will be extended over seven or more days in August before classes begin.  Before receiving a move-in pass, all residents will be required to complete online training regarding campus and housing COVID-19 mitigation strategies and requirements in addition to other prerequisites.
  • All residents will be tested for coronavirus infection as part of the move-in process.
  • Facial coverings are required to enter into and move around inside all housing facilities, except in residents' private rooms. Six-foot physical distancing between residents is expected wherever possible.
  • Floor occupancies for fall semester will be reduced to increase physical distancing.
  • "High touch" areas will have enhanced cleaning, along with reduced capacities in elevators and restrictions on usage of all housing common areas.
  • Guest visitation procedures will continue to be suspended for the fall semester to limit non-resident traffic in our housing facilities. Plexiglas barriers will be used at all reception and service desks and "contactless" transactions will be emphasized.

Dining and Retail

  • Facial coverings are required to be worn in order to enter all food service or retail areas on campus. Face covering may be removed once seated to dine and must be put back on when leaving the dining table.
  • All dining seating areas will be sanitized between users.
  • "Scramble-style" dining in the cafeterias will be reduced. Entrees, side dishes and desserts will be present at all stations to reduce traveling between food stations and tables.
  • The number of diners present in Towers Café, Gold 'n' Greens and the Student Center Food Court will be reduced to support physical distancing.
  • "To Go" meals will be available during all meal periods. An additional residential dining "to go" location will be opened in the Student Center for residents who choose not to visit a cafeteria.
  • Contactless transactions for meal plan swipes and OneCard usage for purchases will be maximized.


Determine and implement best practices to create safe and welcoming environments to support a successful fall semester consistent with the overall teaching and learning strategy on campus.

Subcommittee members

Tim Michael (chair), associate vice president for Student Auxiliary Services and chief housing officer

  • Maureen Andres, director of Real Estate and Capital Projects, Corvias
  • Katie Beaulieu, associate director, Student Center
  • Nick Board, supervisor of Marketing and Communications, Student Auxiliary Services
  • Brad Charpentier, finance manager, Corvias
  • Derek Donnellon, associate director for Business Affairs
  • Nikki Dunham, director of Residence Life
  • Ahmad Ezzedine, associate vice president for Educational Outreach
  • Brian Fitzgerald, senior associate director for Housing Facilities
  • Andrea Gerber, director, Student Center
  • Brian Graham, community director
  • Julie Hanners, vice president for Property Management, Corvias
  • Terry Hopkin, on-site WSU operations manager, Corvias
  • Nicole Jackson, associate director for Real Estate and Asset Management
  • Rebecca Journigan, director of Operations, Division of Educational Outreach
  • Loraleigh Keashley, associate dean, College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts; Professor of Communication *
  • Heather Laskos, academic advisor II, Mike Ilitch School of Business (Residential Learning Communities) *
  • Alex MacKenzie, director of WSU Dining Services, Aramark
  • Marcus Meade, student
  • Brian Owens, portfolio director, Corvias
  • Michaila Paulateer, student
  • Megan Pilkington, marketing manager, Aramark
  • Jack Raab, director of Special Events and Services
  • Naida Simon, academic staff, Senate representative
  • Kelly Thacker, director of Housing and Dining Services
  • Jodi Young, director of WSU Bookstore

(*Denotes faculty member)