Academics/teaching and learning subcommittee

Following shutdown and a successful fall restart of campus operations, these committees continue to meet on a regular basis and decision made by them have become standard university operating procedure. Please refer to the top-level coronavirus homepage for ongoing updates. The individual subcommittee pages are no longer being updated. 


Updated July 16, 2020 

Published a guide to help faculty and staff prepare for both on-campus and online courses.

Download printable faculty restart guidelines (pdf)

Updated May 29, 2020

  • For the fall semester, we will be continuing our academic mission, and we are preparing for a range of possibilities based on the most recent scientific data, from a full return to campus to a continuation of remote teaching and learning.
  • Our current expectation is that we will have a combination of in-person instruction, online and remote instruction.
  • The Office of Teaching and Learning is offering design sprints for any faculty interested in learning more about designing online classes.
  • In-person instruction will be limited to spaces that can accommodate social distancing, and all participants will be required to adhere to the guidelines from the Public Health Committee (e.g., daily screenings, face coverings, etc.), which can be found at
  • We are exploring options for modified scheduling for fall semester.
  • We have set a goal of July 15 to determine the mix of class formats.


Establishing class formats

Instruction, advising, and other forms of student activity and support will take place in a mix of in-person and online/remote formats for the foreseeable future. Establishing the format for instruction or student activity should be a discussion between a faculty or academic staff member and the chair of the department or leader of the unit that includes the following questions:

  • Can the essential benefits of the course or activity be replicated through online/remote means (e.g., virtual experiences, simulations)?
  • Is the room or space assigned for the course or activity able to accommodate physical distancing?
  • Would the nature of the course or activity require people to be in close physical proximity?

At-risk individuals 

We understand that there are faculty, academic staff and students who may be at higher risk for contracting the virus or who need to shelter in place to protect others; all such situations are considered "at risk." In those instances, flexibility and understanding are central to evaluating an individual's request to use online/remote formats. Those who are at higher risk for contracting COVID-19 as described by the CDC are encouraged to stay home and talk to their supervisor or academic advisor about alternate arrangements.


Considering campus health and educational priorities, determine how to safely reopen and conduct in-person classes in the fall while ensuring social distancing.

Subcommittee members 

Darin Ellis (chair), associate provost for Academic Programs and associate vice president for Institutional Effectiveness

  • Boris Baltes, associate provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Linda Beale, professor of law and president of the Academic Senate*
  • Monica Brockmeyer, senior associate provost for Student Success
  • Kamali Clora, student
  • Jasmine Coles, student
  • Ahmad Ezzeddine, associate vice president for Educational Outreach and International Programs
  • Ingrid Guerra-Lopez, interim dean, Graduate School
  • Renee Hoogland, professor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Senate representative*
  • Daren Hubbard, CIO and associate vice president for Computing & Information Technology
  • Sara Kacin, director, Office for Teaching and Learning
  • Dawn Medley, associate vice president for Enrollment Management
  • Tim Michael, associate vice president for Student Auxiliary Services
  • Judith Moldenhauer, professor, Art and Art History, Senate representative *
  • David Strauss, dean of students
  • Ricardo Villarosa, union representative

(*Denotes faculty member)

Academic Restart Town Hall - May 13, 2020

Download video presentation (pdf)
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