School of Information Sciences

Congratulations from Dean Cawthorne

I applaud each and every one of you for this great accomplishment. You have completed your degree during unprecedented and challenging circumstances, and I wish you the best as you begin this next phase in your life.

It is inspiring to know that there are more School of Information Sciences alumni today than there were yesterday. Why? Because you are Information Warriors — on the forefront of our communities, especially during times of crisis, protecting the truth, preserving our history and promoting our future.

Although you're graduating, you will always be a member of the Warrior family. I congratulate you today and look forward to the great things that I know you will continue to do to make our school and profession proud.

Jon E. Cawthorne
Dean, School of Information Sciences

You're invited! Join us in celebrating the class of 2020Virtual Toast to the SIS Class of 2020

In order to acknowledge the hard work of School of Information Sciences graduates, we invite you to raise a glass to the Class of 2020 during a virtual toast on Wednesday, April 29 from 7 - 7:30 p.m.

Join SIS faculty, staff and students in providing support and well wishes for a class that has completed their degrees during unprecedented and challenging circumstances. 

Candidates for Degrees in Information Sciences

From the School of Information Sciences
Jon E. Cawthorne, Ph.D., Dean
Founded in 1967

Master of Library and Information Science

April 2020

  • Shanel Lynise Adams
  • Jeffrey Lee Babbitt
  • Amy N. Bailey
  • Madeline Rae Baker
  • Emily Ruth Benoit
  • Nyesha E. Bryant
  • Rebecca Ann Casey
  • Justine Alexandra Cucchi
  • Johana Lucia Flores
  • Melitta Marie Floyd
  • Paul Krey Garrison
  • Chiara S. Genovese
  • Taylor Elaine Gibson
  • Eugenia N. Hatzis
  • Brighid Heenan
  • EmmaLee Elizabeth Herlocher
  • Jessica Marie Hoffman
  • Emily Renae Rens Hull
  • Lauren Rebecca Jackson
  • Leigh Antoinette Jackson
  • Jessica Lynn Keeler
  • Lisa S. Kelsay
  • Daniel David Krupp
  • Logan Lazalde
  • Elizabeth Logan
  • David Harold Lutz
  • Rachel Anna Manela
  • Hannah O'Daniel McCallon
  • Allia Lyrica McCoy
  • Sarah Elizabeth Mocklin
  • Madison Nicole Perian
  • Chelsea Tyler Pridmore
  • Jared Bion Quist
  • Chell Robinson
  • Bonnie J. Russell
  • Whitney Schillack
  • Erica Louise Schiller
  • Lisa Karole Schneider
  • Caroline Frances Shaltz
  • Carolyn S. Smith
  • Allison Rae Stahr
  • Lori Catherine Stineback
  • Terri Louise Stubblefield
  • Alison Paige Taylor
  • Christine Nicole Taylor
  • Patrick B. Taylor
  • Lara Joelle Teesdale
  • Sarah Alkiste Tropper
  • Katie Lee Truesell
  • Rebecca Louise Ventola
  • Caitlin Rose Versele
  • Chengliang Zhang

August 2020

  • Tiffany Shanee Allen
  • Shakita Billy
  • Marissa Nicole-DiMarco Boisclair
  • Lindsey Marie Ellison
  • Deqa M. Hassan
  • Jennifer Lynn Johnson
  • Caitlin J. Kuhn
  • Jasmine O. Moser
  • Adrianna Denise Triche

Master of Science in Information Management

April 2020

  • Jim Tung Keung Cheng
  • Heather Anne Kolf

August 2020

  • Jessica J. Addy
  • Janis Lee Ferworn