College of Nursing

Congratulations from Dean Clabo

Dear 2020 nursing graduate,

You've reached the end of your nursing program, but the journey is truly just beginning. As a soon-to-be graduate of this outstanding urban-serving university and College of Nursing, you know the power of hard work and reward of commitment. Our faculty are proud to have prepared such a diverse student body for contemporary nursing practice ... graduates who know the importance of addressing social determinants of health, who are capable of reducing health disparities, and who are committed to improving health equity.

As you transition from Wayne State nursing student into a nursing alum, know that our care and support will continue. Whether you are beginning your nursing profession on the frontlines of health care or will conduct research that leads to new nursing knowledge, your contributions today are invaluable in these unprecedented times. We stand with you as you conduct your immensely important work.

Congratulations on attaining this important milestone in your nursing career. We are excited to see where your journey takes you. Be sure to keep in touch. We are so proud of you!

Laurie M. Lauzon Clabo, Ph.D., R.N. FAAN
Dean and Professor
WSU College of Nursing

Athmar YaldoStudent Convocation Speaker Athmar Yaldo, BSN, R.N.

I began the Wayne State College of Nursing's Doctor of Nursing Practice program with an Acute Care Adult Gerontology clinical specialty in spring/summer of 2017, while working as a registered nurse at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, with a clinical specialty in medical surgical services. As I graduate with my D.N.P., I continue working in that role today and have also taken on the role of charge nurse. In addition, I served two years on the professional nurses committee for that unit.

Whether gaining knowledge myself by attending nursing conferences, or by presenting research posters or lending my knowledge to others, I believe that education is key. During my four-plus years of working at the hospital, I have been preceptor to new nurses and nursing students. Because I love teaching and helping students, I am currently also obtaining my Nursing Education certificate. I am a member of the Sigma Theta Tau Lambda chapter honor society at Wayne State University.

I received my Bachelor of Science in biology from University of Detroit Mercy (2014) and entered the accelerated nursing program at University of Detroit Mercy (2016), finishing both degrees by the age of 21.

In the future, I hope to become a nurse first assistant surgical nurse practitioner while also being able teach graduate and undergraduate students to reach their full potential.

College of Nursing 2020 Convocation

Candidates for Degrees in Nursing

From the College of Nursing
Laurie Lauzon Clabo, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, Dean
Founded in 1945

Doctor of Nursing Practice

April 2020

  • Shannon Beagan
  • Melissa Henry
  • Kristen Kolp-Cueny
  • Lavetta Pickens
  • Marlo Joselito Robles
  • Lisa Saigh
  • Ashley Sentell

August 2020

  • Ashley M. Asmar
  • Jaimie Danno
  • Chelsey Michelle Eisenga
  • Kaiwen Jiang
  • Jennifer Rose Jiles
  • Aida Damaris Morar
  • Toni Rae Riske
  • Crystalyn Anne Tucker
  • YanYan Wang
  • Athmar Mary Yaldo

Master of Science in Nursing

April 2020

  • Lauren Baker-Rhem
  • Lindsay Blair Holdway
  • Jill Restum-Miranda

August 2020

  • Fallon Jones Awe
  • Valerie Lynn Babin
  • Georgina E. Brown
  • Ann Marie Elizabeth Cory
  • Margaret Ann Donnelly
  • Kaitlyn Danielle Eidson
  • Emily Lin-Butterfield Fairbanks    
  • Jillian Kordecki Finn
  • Amber Renae Graeser
  • Amanda Elaine Hazen
  • Ashley Nicole Heffner
  • Roneidra Dionne Hill
  • Mallorie Candace Jones
  • Rachel Kugler
  • Thomas Gerald Kustra
  • Catherine Ann Eleanor MacCormack
  • Marisa Lynn McAlister
  • Joseph Paul Montgomery
  • Jessica Lee Moret
  • Jillian Arlene Morris
  • Alyssa Joy Morse
  • Krystine Marie Muha
  • Amanda Nicole Noll
  • Monday Ogbeibor
  • Lindsay Marie Rutland
  • Ryan Sendow
  • Marissa Renee Sevenish
  • Kelly Severhof
  • Catherine Alice Marie Sheehan
  • Sara Elizabeth Sulla
  • Holly Thull
  • Irene Gwen Voss
  • James Allen Walla
  • Veronica Sarah Van De Wege
  • Melissa Anne Wholehan
  • Bradley David Winter
  • Ting-Wan Yip Worden
  • Stephanie Eileen Yaldoo

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

April 2020

  • Tasleema Bint Abdullah
  • Edina Agic
  • Hassan Mohamad Ajami
  • Farhana Aktar
  • Iman Al-Kahil
  • Rebecca Souhel Awabdeh
  • Courtney Cherice Belyue*
  • Samantha Benefield
  • Lydia Besic
  • Wuroud Bitar
  • Samantha Lynn Blaurok
  • Holly Leanne Bobek*
  • Michaelann Brasgalla
  • Carla Teresa Brown
  • Tracia Djoni Bush
  • Catryna Kay Campbell**
  • Matthew-Leumas Santos Cardenas
  • Besa Cera
  • Alison Drew Cole
  • Morgan Henry Cooper
  • Allison Marie Cornell
  • Liara Aturena Daoud
  • Kelechi Emelue
  • David Alvin Gardner
  • Jenna Abbas Gebara*
  • Nicole Michele Griffor
  • Theresa Lorraine Guardiola-Gorski
  • Valentina Samir Hannawa*
  • Rami Ali Harb
  • Carla Nicole Horotan**
  • Crystal Aref Hurmiz
  • Linda Isaac
  • Emina Islamovic
  • Amjed Bassam Jadallah*
  • Heather Marie Jamieson*
  • Diane Jennifer Johnson
  • Peter Gon Am Kim
  • Rachel Knoll
  • Katie Anh Macheske
  • Houlong Mac
  • Nour Asaad Makki**
  • Eric Henry McChesney
  • Julia Michelle Mott***
  • Mugeeth S. Mousawi
  • Mohamed M. Alwan Mozeb
  • Marquisha Diana Myles
  • Sabrina Kim Nguyen
  • Azra Oprasic
  • Cole Pawson
  • Allison Rebekah Penley
  • Megan Elizabeth Petersen**
  • Emily Amanda Porzondek**
  • Jason Thomas Potter
  • Peter Andrew Potrykus
  • Elisha Arshad Rashid**
  • Eric Michael Redies
  • Jacqueline Sara Reji*
  • Trevor Robert Renner
  • Luz Angelica Roque
  • Michael Conrad del Rosario
  • Teodora S. Ruseva*
  • Eda Shehaj
  • Mawj Alraban Smith
  • Iryna St. John
  • Mariam Mahmmoud Subeih*
  • Lama N. Tamimi
  • Toni Leigh Thornton
  • Jude Osagie Ukpebor
  • Estephanie Vasquez*
  • Breonna Marie Louise Weaver
  • Ebonnie Camille West
  • Jackilyn Rose Wolf*

Recognition for Academic Achievement

Students who attain high scholastic achievement are denoted by an asterisk after their name. The official list of graduates cited for cum laude (*), magna cum laude (**), or summa cum laude (***) will be compiled subsequently and their diplomas will carry the appropriate notation. This practice is observed at the undergraduate level only.