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Timeline (pdf)

Program assessment follows an annual cycle that encourages continuous attention to improving student learning:

Winter 2017

In Compliance Assist, each program adds its AY16-17:

  • results for two outcomes' assessments
  • supporting data files
  • 2 action plans
  • 2 timelines for implementing the action plans
Fall 2017

In Compliance Assist, each program adds or updates its AY16-17:

  • reporting to stakeholders

Begin the assessment cycle again for AY17-18


Fall 2017

Implement AY16-17 action plan

Wrap up AY16-17 documentation:

In Compliance Assist and on your program's website, each program submits an assessment report for students and any other stakeholders describing their assessment:

•action plan

Begin the assessment cycle again for AY16-17:

Update, revise or add the minimum planning elements of each program's assessment plan by December 2017:

  • 1 mission statement
  • 4 learning outcomes
  • 1 curriculum map (optional for student services)
  • 2 assessment methods

The above items plus Reporting to Stakeholders will be copied to AY17-18 in the Compliance Assist rollover on 9/1/17.