Progress Reports

The Progress Report requests that are sent out by the Senior Associate Provost for Student Success to Faculty in weeks 3 and 9 of the Fall and Winter terms are a request for feedback on very select group of students.

The group of students that we request individual feedback on are members of departments or programs where students agreed to a more intrusive advising experience to help support them while they are here at Wayne State University.  These departments are WSU Athletics, Academic Pathways to Excellence (APEX), the Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies (CLLAS), and the Warrior Vision and Impact Program (VIP). In some cases, Faculty have as many as 50 or as few as 1 student on their list.  

In the past, these departments or programs acted independently and submitted requests to Faculty at different frequencies throughout each term. Each request was unique in the type of feedback they were seeking and the period for the request.  In some cases, individual students were on multiple requests creating redundancy.  Being mindful of our faculty's time, and the requirement to complete the campus-wide Early Academic Assessment (EAA), we have centralized this request. 

It is important for us to help Faculty understand that the progress report and EAA requests differ in the number of students involved, the type of feedback a faculty member can provide, and who receives a notification or an alert when a student needs support.

Unlike the campus wide Early Academic Assessment (EAA), which has been a staple here at Wayne State University for many years, student progress reports of this type have only been requested since Fall 2017.  The Early Academic Assessment (EAA) is a request for mid-term grades on all students taking courses below the 4000 level. If a student receives a mid-term grade below a C, they receive notification from either the instructor or the Associate Provost of Academic Programs. 

These Progress Report requests allow faculty to offer a more detailed assessment beyond just the grade of "C or Better".  The week 3 request focuses on attendance and participation while the week 9 looks at failed quizzes or exams, missing assignments, and the need for tutoring. Along with the drop-downs or radio buttons, the comments field allows for a richer description of how the Faculty member feels about the student's performance at this point.  Entered comments are restricted to professional staff like Academic Advisors, Athletic Coaches, and Success Coaches, so students do not see the comments made by Faculty.  

The student and their Student Success Team (Academic Advisors and any Athletic Coaches or Success Coaches) all receive notification that Faculty feedback has been given. The Student Success Team relies heavily on these progress reports to tell us more about how these students are doing in your classroom and how we can support you in teaching our students. 

The Weeks 3 and 9 Progress Reports combined with the EAA grades, help our students not only succeed, but thrive here at Wayne State University.


How Faculty Respond to Progress Report Requests

Faculty will receive an email requests to submit Progress Reports. The email will have a link to the Progress Report Feedback form. If they teach multiple courses and/or sections these will all appear on one page through the one link. 

This is an example of what a standard Feedback Form looks like.

Here at Wayne State, we have modified this Feedback form to try to incorporate a Growth Mindset by offering Faulty the opportunity to tell the Success Team that the student is doing well.  We have changed the language of the first question.

Once you click a Progress Reports link, you will need to fill out the following fields on your students.

  • At-Risk to Fail Your Class? - Use this field to indicate whether this student is currently at-risk to fail your class.
  • Alert Reasons- This field is only used if the At-Risk field was selected as "Yes".  If "Yes", then the faculty must select a reason.
  • Absences- The number of absences this student has accumulated thus far.
  • Current Grade - The grade the student has earned in this course.
  • Comments- Enter a narrative regarding how this student is progressing in their course.  As with any narrative comment, the more complete the better.

Once you have filled out these fields, click EITHER Submit only marked students (but I'm not done) button if you plan on returning to fill out more progress reports later OR click Submit unmarked students as not At-Risk (I'm all done) button. This option gives you the option to only manually mark students who are at risk and automatically mark everyone else not at risk when you click this button.

Note: 'Submit unmarked students as not At-Risk (I'm all done)' is also the button you select when you are done filling out Progress Reports, even if you have marked every student individually.