Interviewing information

The interview is the last, crucial piece in securing a seat in medical school. Successful applicants will spend time preparing for the interview, just as they have prepared for all the other steps in the process. It is important to research the type of interview conducted by each school you apply to. There are three basic types: one-on-one, small group, and multiple mini interview (MMI). You should treat the entire time you spend on a medical school campus as part of the interview, not just the time penciled in for your appointment.

Here are some resources to help you get started:

  • You can use the interview tips from the Career Services Center in a variety of settings, including a med school interview. It describes the different interview formats, tips on doing your homework before you get to the interview, dos and don'ts and a lot more. Read a short but sweet write up on how to dress.
  • The AAMC has a great write up on interview basics as well as a longer article on the traits medical school admission officers asses during an interview.
  • The Career Center at University of Michigan has put together a terrific overview of the MMI

If you are not offered a seat after your interview, remember that many medical schools are willing to talk to you about what they would want to see from you if you plan to reapply in a later cycle. Please contact each school individually if you would like to get feedback from them about your application.