GPA calculator

Currently the best way to assess your overall and science GPA, as it will be viewed by medical and dental schools, is through manual computation. You can use the links below to predict the AMCAS, AACOMAS, and AADSAS conversions of your GPA.  The GPA calculator on the WSU Records and Registration site can also help you make a quick prediction during the process of self-evaluation (tip: add up and enter the number of credits you have earned of each grade (A, A-, etc.) instead of one at a time). Consult your pre-med/dental advisor for additional help with these calculations. 

Medical Schools (MD and DO)

AMCAS (MD) applicants can refer to the AMCAS Course Classification Guide to determine the courses used in the BCPM (Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Math) GPA. The AMCAS Application Grade Conversion Guide will help with converting an individual school's grading scale to the one used by AMCAS. 

AMCAS (DO) applicants should consult the AACOMAS Course Subjects page of the AACOM site for help classifying which courses will be used to compute their science (BCP) and the non-science GPA. Applicants can then use the site's AACOMAS Letter Grade Charts to determine the grade weights used in the AACOMAS GPA computations.

Dental Schools 

Dental applicants can refer the the ADEA AADSAS GPA Calculations Guide to understand the AADSAS GPA calculation rules. AADSAS will also compute a BCP (Biology/Chemistry/Physics) GPA in addition to a Science (BCPM + Other Science) and non-science GPA.