Veterinary school

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Many of the 30 veterinary schools in the US require and/or recommend very similar prerequisite coursework.  This Association of American Veterinariran Medical Colleges (AAMVC) chart does a great job highlighting the similiarities and differences between prerequisite coursework outlined by various veterinary schools.

In addition to prerequisite coursework, students interested in applying to veterinary school may be required to sit for a GRE or MCAT exam.  The content tested on each exam is different but both cover a broad range of subjects.  

The following courses represent the coursework that Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine (Michigan's only veterinary school) outlines as admissions prerequisites.  While some of these courses may be required within certain WSU majors, the list itself does not constitute a major.  Professional Health Science advsiors in the PMHSC will assist you in planning these courses.


College Alegebra and Trigonometry (or pre-calculus or calculus) are required for pre-vet students.  WSU recommends MAT 1800 (4 cr.)


One year of physics with lab.

PHY 2130/2131 (or PHY 2170/2171) 4 cr.
PHY 2140/2141 (or PHY 2180/2181) 4 cr.


One semester of general chemistry with lab.  One year of organic chemistry with lab.

CHM 1220/1230 5 cr.
CHM 1240/1250 5 cr.
CHM 2220/2230 5 cr.


BIO 3100 3 cr.
CHM 5600 3 cr.


One year of basic biology with lab, microbiology, genetics and an upper level biology course.  WSU suggests:

BIO 1500 4 cr.
BIO 1510 4 cr.
Advanced BIO Elective (BIO 2200, 2600, 3200, 3070, 4120, 4630) Varies

General Education Requirements

Two Arts & Humanities courses (history, literature, art, music, and theater history or appreciation, philosophy or religion)

Two Social Science courses (cultural anthropology, economics, human geography, political science, psychology or sociology)

One English Composition course

**Note: AP credit will be accepted for some courses.  Check MSU's College of Veterinary Medicine website for more information.