The PCAT is a national, standardized test required by many of the pharmacy schools in this country. It is administered multiple times per year between the months of April and January.  For more specific information about the PCAT, please visit the Pearson webpage.  You need to check with the schools you are interested in for information on the time range of test scores they will accept. For example, WSU's PharmD requires a score prior to the time of application in early November. An exam scheduled after the November deadline will not be considered.

  1. There are five content areas on the PCAT.
  • The Biology section
  • The Reading Comprehension section
  • The Quantitative Ability section
  • The Chemistry section
  • The Written Essay sections - All of the writing prompts state a problem involving a health issue, a science issue, or a social, cultural, or political issue. Examinees are asked to present a solution to the problem in their essays. They are scored on how well they write an essay of sufficient length to adequately explain the situation. 
  1. The courses you take prior to the PCAT should cover these content areas. A Pre-Med and Health Science advisor can help answer questions about academic scheduling priorities.
  2. For an overview of the PCAT, topics, scheduling, and study resources, go to the Pearson website.

Other Resources

  1. Wayne State's Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences holds monthly information meetings.  All students interested in applying to the PharmD program are encouraged to attend. 
  2. PharmCAS is a centralized application service used by all American pharmacy schools. Take time to review their website in the year prior to your planned application.