Pathologists' Assistant program

The Pathologists' Assistant program at Wayne State University's Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (WSU CPHS) provides students interested in a healthcare profession an indirect patient care option when it comes to practicing healthcare.  Students interested in learning more about the pathologists' assistant profession can visit the American Association of Pathologists' Assistants (AAPA) or WSU CPHS website.

There are very few universities that offer pathologists' assistant programs and the prerequisite requirements vary with each program. For all programs, students must earn a bachelor's degree (an allied health or science major is required or recommended by all programs) prior to beginning a pathologists' assistant program. WSU students preparing for Pathologists' Assistant programs who would like to receive the communications, services, and support of the WSU PMHSC can elect to join our Pre-Path Assist. database. This database assigns students a Pre-Path Assist. attribute code (PPAA) which also allows us to track our pre-PPAA population and to develop support programs that will enhance student success.

Opt Into Pre-PAA Attribute

The outline of classes listed below do not constitute a major but the classes that the WSU CPHS Pathologists' Assistant program would like for a student to take in conjunction with their major coursework.


One semester of composition coursework.

ENG 1020 (3 cr.)


Mathematics (MAT 1000 or higher) or Statistics, one course required


One semester of general chemistryy with lab.  One semester of organic chemistry or biochemistry without a lab.

CHM 1020 (or CHM 1220/1230) (4-5 cr.)
CHM 1030 ( or CHM 1240/1250) (4-5 cr.)


One year of basic biology, as well as, microbiology with lab, and anatomy and physiology with lab.

BIO 1510 (4 cr.)
BIO 1500 (see advisor for additional recommendations to fulfill second semester requirement) (4 cr.)
BIO 2200 (5 cr.)
BIO 2870 (5 cr.)