Medical School


Most medical schools require and/or recommend very similar coursework.  In addition, the MCAT exam covers a broad range of subjects that are taught throughout the WSU curriculum.  The following courses represent both the required courses for admission to most US medical schools as well as the recommended courses necessary to prepare for the MCAT exam.  These courses do not constitute a major, however, you can always take them in correlation with a pre-medicine minor.  Some may be required within certain WSU majors or in addition to other degrees.  Professional Health Science advisors in the Pre-Med and Health Science Center will assist you in planning these courses and can provide assistance in your major selection. 

For a list of most U.S. and Canadian medical schools, students can consult and

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Minimum 2 courses with lab. Upper division coursework strongly recommended. Suggested WSU include:

BIO 1510 4 cr.
BIO 1500 4 cr.
BIO 2600 3 (no lab)
BIO 3200 3 (no lab)


Strongly recommended and required by many schools. Recommended for the MCAT.

BIO 3100 3 (no lab)
CHM 5600 3 (no lab)


Two semesters of general with lab. Two semesters of organic with lab.

CHM 1220/1230 5 cr.
CHM 1240/1250 5 cr.
CHM 2220/2230 5 cr.
CHM 2280/2290 5 cr.


Two semesters with lab.

PHY 2130/2131 or PHY 2170/2171 4 cr.
PHY 2140/2141 or PHY 2180/2181 4 cr.

Social/Behavioral Science

Strongly recommended for MCAT purposes. 2 to 3 courses required by many schools.

PSY 1010 or 1020 3-4 cr.
SOC 2000 3 cr.


MAT 1800 (precalculus) is recommended and/or required for pre-med science courses. Statistics, STA 1020, is recommended by the WSU Medical School. Consult specific medical schools for admission preferences.


Minimum 2 semesters of English composition required by most schools.


Ethics(PHI 1100, 1110, 1120, or 2320) is recommended by the WSU Medical School.