WSU admitted students

The PMHSC is excited to begin celebrating the pre-dental WSU graduates who successfully enter dental school.  In 2019, Wayne State students applied to schools throughout the country.  The chart below shows our total admissions offers as well as the program students ultimately chose to attend.

Please feel free to download as a PDF.


Important notes:

  • We had a total of 92 verified applicants with 42 offers to 26 individuals. 
  • Successful WSU candidates had an average overal GPA of 3.46 and average DAT scores in the following areas: academic average 20.32; perceptual ability 19.84; and total science 20.72.
  • Nationally, successful candidates had a minimum 3.25 science GPA and minimum 19 academic average, perceptual ability and total science score on the DAT (as reported by ADEA for the class of 2018).
  • All data from Liason ADvisor Portal on behalf of AADSAS, 10/3/19

Class of 2018 Dental Matriculant Data