Campuswide Pre-Medical Mentoring Program

The Wayne State University Pre-Med and Health Science Center is excited to announce the launch of a new endeavor called the Campuswide Pre-Medical Mentoring Program.  The Program is housed in the Pre-Med and Health Science Center and led through the combined efforts of pre-med advisors and a core team of WSU School of Medicine medical students.

Program Mission

The Wayne State University Campuswide Pre-Medical Mentoring (CPM) Program is committed to providing mentoring to Wayne State University pre-medical undergraduate and post-bachelor's students that are working on applying to medical school.  The program will rely on the partnering of medical and pre-medical students.  The medical students involved in this program are dedicated to providing support to those interested in pursuing a career as a physician.  They will provide their own unique perspectives and grow with pre-medical and post-bachelor's students throughout their journey to applying and being accepted to medical school.

Program Goals

The goals of CPM are simple: support and guidance.

CPM will accomplish these goals by utilizing a two tiered mentoring structure:

     Tier One: One on One Mentoring

  • Pre-medical students that are accepted into the program will be matched with a volunteer medical student who will provide information and answer any questions that the mentee might have
  • Mentees and mentors may interact on a face to face or electronic basis and as frequently as they would like (minimum standards are set)

     Tier Two: CPM Coffee Talks

  • Monthly meetings held on main campus designed around topics that are important to the application process and general pre-medical student interests
  • Coffee Talks will be formatted in a variety of ways - panels, roundtables, workshops
  • Coffee Talks are a great way to "rub elbows" and talk with real medical students about their opinions and perspectives
  • Oh, and there will be coffee

     Future Plans

  • Future CPM events are in the works but ideas are always welcome!  Shoot an email to if there is something you want to share or propose!

Get Involved

With a majority of the structure of the program relying on the one to one mentorship, CPM is limited in the number of pre-medical students it can serve.  If you're interested in being part of CPM, head on over to our membership page and submit your name.  If we are at capacity, it will be indicated at the top of the form. In the meantime, you can follow us on social media or reach out via email:


Have a suggestion or an idea?  We'd love to hear from you.  Click on the link below to access our anonymous feedback form.

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