CPM Pre-med of the Month

Being a "pre-medical" student is full of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.  The members and leadership of the WSU Campuswide Pre-medical Mentoring (CPM) Program would like to celebrate your achievements for keeping your determination in working toward your ultimate goal of becoming a doctor.  We believe it is important to recognize the drive and stories of our future physicians.  If you know a CPM pre-med student that should be nominated for "CPM Pre-med of the Month," please consider filling out the form below.

If chosen, students will be featured on the CPM website, Facebook, and Twitter platforms, as well as giving them an additional achievement to add to their CV.

Please feel free to nominate yourself, as long as it done only once.

CPM Pre-med of the Month Nomination Form


Meet the CPM Pre-Med of the Month

December 2018: Lyndsay Archer


Congratulations to the December CPM Pre-med of the Month, meet Lyndsay Archer!

Lyndsay is a 4th year pre-medical student majoring in African American Studies with a concentration in Development and Public Policy. Lyndsay's passion for creating opportunities and empowering those around her transcends her passion in medicine and is evident in her community involvement. She serves on board for WSU's chapter of WEBelieve, a national organization devoted to mentoring young girls and has completed her second year as Chair of Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan's Youth Advisory Committee. In addition to these positions, Lyndsay is the founder of the non-profit Roots Strong, an organization dedicated to improving access to resources in underserved communities of Detroit and abroad. Currently, the Roots Strong team is working on building a fully equipped library for Grateful Hill Primary School in Glengoffe, Jamaica.

Lyndsay's passion for medicine comes from a physician's capacity to serve individuals in a way that is unique from any other profession. Growing up, Lyndsay became aware of the disparities in the medical care of racially and socioeconomically marginalized populations both in her community and her parent's birth country Jamaica. As a pre-medical student pursuing African American studies, Lyndsay aims to bridge the gap between medically marginalized populations and quality health care. While she has interest in multiple fields of medicine, Lyndsay aims to become a physician who is compassionate, humble, and eager to educate and improve medicine for all. To learn more about Lyndsay, read her responses to the questions below!

What hobby would you get into if time and money were not an issue?

I would spend more time painting and pursuing photography. Overall, I would love to have the time and freedom to be as creative as possible with hopes of creating things that can positively impact others and change the world!

What do you think would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

For me, the most amazing adventure to go on would be to travel to at least 20 different countries in one year, almost like the book/film "Around the World in 80 Days," and get to know people, their cultures, and their histories along the way!

Is there a job, other than becoming a physician that you think you would be really good at?

Outside of becoming a physician, I think I would be pretty good at either helping others trace their family lineage as a genealogist or teaching.

What do you wish you knew more about?

I wish I knew more about how to go about writing and publishing a book. I would really love to do that one day.

What fictional place would you most like to go to?

If I could visit any fictional place, I would love to visit Wakanda from Black Panther.