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CPM Pre-med of the Month

Being a "pre-medical" student is full of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.  The members and leadership of the WSU Campuswide Pre-medical Mentoring (CPM) Program would like to celebrate your achievements for keeping your determination in working toward your ultimate goal of becoming a doctor.  We believe it is important to recognize the drive and stories of our future physicians.  If you know a CPM pre-med student that should be nominated for "CPM Pre-med of the Month," please consider filling out the form below.

If chosen, students will be featured on the CPM website, Facebook, and Twitter platforms, as well as giving them an additional achievement to add to their CV.

Please feel free to nominate yourself, as long as it done only once.

CPM Pre-med of the Month Nomination Form


Meet the CPM Pre-Med of the Month


May 2017: Kristin Dernay

Kristin is a third-year pre-medical student working toward a B.S. in Biological Sciences at Wayne State University.  She is involved in many organizations, including Writing Warriors at the VA Medical Center as well as Campus Bible Fellowship. When she is not studying, Kristin demonstrates a commitment to her community through her involvement in urban farming through the organization Common Ground. Additionally, she has coupled her passion for soccer with community outreach by playing for a team through the organization Freedom House, a resettlement program for refugees in the Metro Detroit area.

Kristin is also currently working on a research project at the Wayne State School of Medicine involving small-animal MRI techniques to evaluate the oxidative stress which may precede retinal or brain damage. Furthermore, she participates in a research collaboration in the Department of Political Science which aims to focus on the advantages of democratic maintenance through a pragmatic reconceptualization of political mobilization.

Kristin's motivations for pursuing medicine center on the challenge and complexities of health and the desire to understand and even sometimes challenge those understandings.  The intellectual curiosity that propels medicine forward as an institution also serves as her individual motivation to contribute to that progress.  While she is still undecided about what type of physician she would ultimately like to be, she is highly interested in palliative care and nuclear medicine.  Kristin credits the faculty and mentors at Wayne State University who have contributed to her intellectual growth and the pre-health track which challenged her to pursue opportunities she may have not otherwise considered.  These elements combined have guided and contributed to her continued success toward achieving her goals.