CPM Pre-med of the Month

Being a "pre-medical" student is full of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.  The members and leadership of the WSU Campuswide Pre-medical Mentoring (CPM) Program would like to celebrate your achievements for keeping your determination in working toward your ultimate goal of becoming a doctor.  We believe it is important to recognize the drive and stories of our future physicians.  If you know a CPM pre-med student that should be nominated for "CPM Pre-med of the Month," please consider filling out the form below.

If chosen, students will be featured on the CPM website, Facebook, and Twitter platforms, as well as giving them an additional achievement to add to their CV.

Please feel free to nominate yourself, as long as it done only once.

CPM Pre-med of the Month Nomination Form


Meet the CPM Pre-Med of the Month

May 2019: Nina Agemy

Picture of Nina, the CPM Pre-Med of the Month, holding a child

Congratulations to the May CPM Pre-Med of the Month!  Meet Nina...

Nina Agemy is in her second year at Wayne State, majoring in Biology with a minor in Spanish. Nina's active in several organizations on campus including Global Brigades Honduras, PPMS, and Delta Epsilon Mu. However her interest in medicine not only stems from having a passion for patient care, Nina believes that medical school will give her the pathway to being a lifelong learner as well as an intellectually stimulating career. Nina is most interested in the OB GYN specialty of medicine and hopes to become an OB GYN physician. Being the oldest of 13 first cousins and growing up in a family surrounded by strong women, made Nina realize that she wants to have the ability to empower and care for others in every way possible. Altogether Nina feels that medical school will help her accomplish this goal.


Do you have any special talents or hobbies?

A "special" hobby that I have that many people don't know about is I collect globes. Before college, my family and I used to travel a lot and I wanted something to remember each place by. I now probably have over 100.

Is there a job, other than becoming a physician, that you think you would be really good at?

A forensic anthropologist; I find forensic anthropology to be extremely interesting and wish Wayne had a major/program focused on that.

What fictional place would you most like to go to?


What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?

To travel all of Europe with my closest family and friends

During your time off, what is your go-to activity?

Sleeping, eating, watching netflix, and playing soccer (mostly sleeping and eating)