Humanistic Medicine

Humanistic Medicine, also known as HuMed, is a co-curricular program run out of the Wayne State University School of Medicine. Members of the program are current medical students who believe "art in medicine is explored through a study of relationships, philosophy, psychology, literature, artwork and music."  HuMed members focus on the holistic approach to medicine and plan activities that expose medical students to alternative medicine.

One of the ways HuMed gives back to the Wayne State University community is by hosting workshops aimed at pre-medical students. The workshops surround the topics that pre-med students want to know about such as the application, MCAT and personal statement.  Additionally, members of HuMed will work one-on-one with a pre-med student to provide extra guidance.  Workshops are held in the fall and winter semesters.  Be sure to check back here for dates for the Fall 2017 semester.

If you have any questions about HuMed or would like to get in contact with someone about meeting with a member of HuMed, please reach out to Laura Hetzler.  Contact information is provided below.

Laura Hetzler, Pre-Med & Health Sciences Academic Advisor