Pre-med freshmen

As a first year pre-med student at WSU, we know you have a lot of questions about how to begin the journey to medical school. Questions such as what you should, or should not, focus your time and energy on during this year, what decisions need to be made now or can wait until later, and even who, or what resources, can you trust to give you the most accurate information are ones that concern most pre-med students, to various degrees, throughout their journey.

Pre-med advisors in the WSU Pre-Med and Health Science Center are here to support you and to be that source of accurate and timely information.  Your goal should be to connect with us early and consistently, in a few key ways, beginning the summer before freshman year and throughout your preparation process.

Here's how:

1.    Attend freshman orientation – You will receive information on dates and registration once you have been admitted. At Orientation you will receive a lot of information about WSU and your degree program, and will register with an advisor for your first term.

2.    Attend a pre-med freshman "Check-Up" – After Orientation, we invite you to attend a pre-med information meeting, or "Check-Up," to go over all the pre-med information not covered at Orientation. This includes a discussion of the recommended coursework and grades, experiences, MCAT preparation, application timeline, and letters of recommendation as well as an overview of how medical schools view all of these in an applicant. 

Check-Up dates for Fall 2019 freshmen will be available in April 2019.  Please check back or email closer to the summer of 2019.

3.    Become familiar with the Pre-Med and Health Science Center website – There is a lot of helpful information right here! In addition, you can check out our upcoming events and other promotions on the homepage.

4.    Check your WSU email – Once you attend a "Check-Up" you will be added to our pre-med listserve which will ensure that you are notified directly of any pre-med workshops, events, school visits, or other promotions aimed at WSU pre-med students.

5.    Attend O2 and Festifall – The best way to get the year started! Both O2 and Festifall are about getting connected on campus with student organizations, academic departments, academic resources, and other University and community groups and organizations. Information will be sent to you on both events but are also available online.

6.    Meet with an advisor during your first term – We encourage you to meet with your major advisor, if you have declared, and with a pre-med advisor during your first term. Let us help you plan for your future success and refine your goals for the year. 

You can schedule with a pre-med advisor throughout the term, or, if you have a quick question or concern, come during our weekly small group advising sessions every Thursday from 3 to 4 pm in 1600 Undergraduate Library. No appointment necessary – questions are for general discussion only.

Interested in becoming a pre-med student at WSU? Admitted freshmen interested in preparing for medical school can be added to the pre-med database through the "Next Steps" section of their WSU Application Status page.