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Current Application Resources

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wayne State University implemented an optional P/N grading policy for undergraduate students for the Winter 2020 semester. Students can find more information on the Office of the Registrar's Winter 2020 Pass/No Pass Grading page. The seven Michigan medical schools have each released statements on their individual policies surrounding P/N grades and MCAT. The two Michigan dental schools have also released statements on their individual policies. Please review and follow up with your advisor if you have specific questions. 

The Association of American Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) has published a COVID-19 Resources page to share DO school and application updates. 

Application Support

Students preparing for any professional program should begin thinking about their application at least one year before they apply. The advisors in the PMHSC are available to meet with students entering their application year to review coursework, discuss letters of recommendation, review extracurricular activities, discuss schools of interest, and more. Appointments can be scheduled through Advisingworks. The center has also developed a self-paced, ungraded "Medical School Application Resources" Canvas course that is designed for students who are beginning the preparation process. This course provides modules with resources and activities on a range of topics involved in the application process. It is designed to be completed prior to, and in preparation for, a one-on-one appointment with a pre-med advisor who can provide constructive feedback and a deeper discussion on your process. Current modules include:

  • Primary Application
  • Secondary Application
  • Personal Statement
  • Letters of Evaluation
  • School Selection
  • Interviewing Preparation

Students who have attended a Pre-med Information Meeting and are approaching, or are within, their year of application can submit a request form to access the course. Questions about the course can be sent to

The medical school application is available for editing in early May. The AAMC provides a downloadable directions manual to help students understand the proper way to fill out the application. AACOMAS has online instructions. Students should review individual program deadlines, and should talk to a pre-med advisor about how application timing can impact competitiveness.


At this time, the credential file service is closed. This means that we are unable to receive, send, or submit letters for active files, and will not open any new files for the foreseeable future. We greatly regret the inconvenience this decision will cause our 2020-21 applicants but feel it is important that applicants take steps now to reconnect with their letter writers and inform them of the need to resubmit or redirect the letters written on their behalf. Questions regarding the closure can be submitted to

What other options are available for students who are requesting letters of evaluation for the 2020-21 application cycle?

There are two options applicants can consider for submitting letters to their online application service.

1. Interfolio is a safe and reliable dossier service that is free to collect letters, but charges a fee to submit those letters to any program or application service. The benefit to this service is that letters can be stored for future application cycles.

2. Students can also utilize the various application portals to collect letters directly from their evaluators.  This is a free component of the primary application websites, but letters cannot be submitted before the application opens or reused in later years. AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, CASPAVMCas, OptomCAS, and PharmCAS all offer this feature. The PMHSC recommends this option because it is efficient and keeps the total cost of application down.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will need to contact your letter writers directly and tell them how you plan to proceed. 

Personal Statement

Students looking for assistance with writing their personal statement can check out an article featured on AMCAS that highlights the most important things that applicants should be addressing. Students should also review what the PMHSC believes are the most important questions students should be answering in their personal statement. That is available to check out here. The WRT Zone is an excellent resource for editing a personal statement.

Transcript Requests

Students who have questions regarding their transcript and how to request it for their application should check out this document.

Wayne State University will report your AP or IB credit as one entry on your official transcript.  If the medical schools that you apply to need to see a course by course breakdown, you will need to contact the registrar's office for an unofficial transcript as well as the official one that you send to AMCAS or AACOMAS.  To do this, send an email to requesting an unofficial transcript be sent to the medical school.  Please remember to include your student number and the mailing address of the medical school in your email.