Pre-pharmacy programs

Pre-professional students are ones who intend on applying to a program in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences which require a certain set of prerequisite courses and/or credits before application to a professional program.  At Wayne State University, students planning to apply to the following programs would need to start as a pre-professional student:

In addition to the prerequisite coursework required to apply to each of these programs, many of the programs' admissions committees review how students are involved in the industry they are hoping to work in, on campus and/or in research, entrance exam scores and letters of evaluation.  It is important to work with a pre-professional advisor regularly to discuss the competitive application process.

In addition to visiting a pre-pharmacy and health sciences advisor on a regular basis, students are encouraged to attend an information for the program they are interested in applying to.  Information meetings at the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences are held on a regular basis.