Pre-Nursing program

Preparing for Admission to Nursing 

Preparation for admission to the WSU College of Nursing requires completion of all pre-requisite courses, certification of community service hours, one letter of recommendation and a personal essay. The deadline for submission is May 1 of the year in which you intend to begin the program.  

Applicants to the College of Nursing Traditional BSN program must have a minimum 3.0 GPA (based on prerequisite courses only), and a minimum grade of "C" or higher in all prerequisite courses. All coursework must be completed in order to be considered for admission. Admission to the program is highly competitive and completion of the pre-requisite courses with the minimum gpa does not guarantee admission to the Nursing program.

The use of a holistic approach allows the Nursing admission committee to consider not only grade point average, but also information provided through the letter of recommendation, community service and personal essay providing a clearer picture of a candidate's suitability for the nursing profession.

The courses below are prerequisites for admission to the WSU Traditional BSN program.

  • BIO 1510 – Basic Life Mechanisms

  • BIO 2870 – Anatomy & Physiology

  • CHM 1020 – Survey of General Chemistry (Inorganic)

  • ENG 1020 – Introductory College Writing

  • PSY 1020 – Elements of Psychology or PSY 1010 Introduction to Psychology*

  • PSY 2410 – Health Psychology or PSY 2400 – Developmental Psychology*

  • NFS 2030 – Nutrition and Health

  • Quantitative Experience (QE)

*Candidates may take one or the other course, however, if you receive a grade below a "C" in one course and take the other in order to meet the requirement, it will count as a repeat.

Informational Meetings

It is expected that students will attend an informational meeting in the College of Nursing. A schedule of meetings can be found on this link: (

Pre-Nursing Essentials

Come find out the essentials to present a competitive application to the College of Nursing. Supplemental information to the Nursing Information meetings is covered in this workshop. Details about what the profession of Nursing entails and essential knowledge, resources, and experience will be covered in this workshop. View the dates and times for the Pre-Nursing Essentials session on our Upcoming Workshops page. 

Investigating Nursing Programs

Due to the limited capacity of WSU's College of Nursing, it is important to consider other Nursing programs as well. While most Nursing schools generally require similar coursework and admission requirements, some variation can arise within particular schools and programs.  While pre-nursing advisors are well-versed in the admissions requirements for a large number of nursing programs, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to be aware of the requirements for all programs for which they plan to apply.