Wayne Advantage-Macomb

Be a Wayne State and Macomb Community College student at the same time

Wayne Advantage-Macomb allows you to take classes at both Macomb Community College (MCC) and Wayne State University (WSU), preparing you to pursue a bachelor's at WSU while completing your associate degree at Macomb. As a Wayne Advantage-Macomb student, you are admitted to Wayne State, which means you can take courses at MCC, WSU or both institutions in the same semester. You must meet Wayne State admissions requirements to enter the program.

Wayne Macomb

What's the Wayne Advantage?

You'll enjoy all the benefits that come with being admitted to Wayne State and attending a major urban research university, including:

  • Access to Wayne State's libraries.
  • A multipurpose WSU OneCard.
  • Access to the Academic Success Center and Career Services.
  • Comprehensive academic advising.
  • WSU events and student organizations.
  • Study abroad opportunities.

How to apply

  • Apply to Wayne State University.
    • Select the Freshman or Transfer tab, depending on your status, and follow the instructions (freshmen must use the university application, not the Common Application).
    • As you move through the application, select "Yes" in the Wayne Advantage section to apply for the program.
  • Apply to Macomb Community College.
  • After you are admitted to both institutions, opt in here!
    • Review the terms and conditions. Enter your Macomb ID and indicate you want to be in the Wayne Advantage-Macomb program.
  • You must register at either WSU or Macomb before the final day of registration for the full-term semester to retain your place in the program. 

Already Taking Classes at Wayne State?

If you are already taking classes at WSU, you can join the program by logging in with your Access ID and password. Opt-in now

The deadline for opting-in/out is:

  • Fall - August 13, 2019
  • Winter - December 23, 2019
  • Spring/Summer - April 20, 2020

If you opt-in/out after the date for the semester, you will be placed in the program for the next semester.  For example, if you opt-in on August 15, you will be in the Wayne Advantage-Macomb program effective with the Winter semester. 

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When can I participate in Wayne Advantage-Macomb?

The program is open to any student who meets Wayne State's admission requirements and wants to takes classes at both WSU and Macomb at some point during their college career. You can apply up to one month before the start of a Wayne State semester.

Do I have to take classes at both schools every term?

No. You can take classes at either school at any time.

Am I a Wayne State student or a Macomb student?

You are both and can use the resources on both campuses.

Can I receive a scholarship?

You may apply for scholarships offered by WSU and MCC. Scholarships awarded by one institution may only be applied to tuition, fees and other expenses at the institution that made the award. Freshmen students awarded a scholarship at Wayne State must be full-time at Wayne State in their first semester to receive the scholarship. To retain your scholarship, you must complete the required number of credit hours. More information about scholarship renewal.

Is there an application fee?

Yes. There is a $25 fee for all students applying to Wayne State.

How do I apply for financial aid if I take classes at both institutions?

Your financial aid will be processed, awarded and distributed by Wayne State. This occurs regardless of where you enroll. For students who are enrolled at both Macomb and WSU in a given term, financial aid will be calculated based on their combined credit hours. You will need to complete a Wayne Advantage request form each semester you are in the program and requesting financial aid. Questions regarding financial aid can be directed to Wayne State at 313-577-2100.

Will financial aid cover all my classes?

It depends. You should make sure to pay for your Macomb classes on schedule. Your financial aid at WSU will reimburse you for courses taken at Macomb that count toward your degree program at WSU. Classes outside of your degree requirements and those that do not transfer to WSU will not be considered when aid eligibility is calculated.

Please submit the Wayne Advantage-Macomb aid request form and its supporting documents each semester. The form can be found here.

If I participate in Wayne Advantage-Macomb, will all of my courses transfer?

Only those courses deemed transferable by Wayne State will transfer. View the transfer equivalency table and transfer plans for Macomb Community College to find out which credits will transfer. If you need more information or answers to specific questions, contact Doug Peacock at 313-577-3143 or doug.peacock@wayne.edu.

How many credits will transfer?

Wayne State will accept up to 64 credits from Macomb in transfer. If you are following an articulation agreement, more credits may transfer.

Are there any students who are not eligible for Wayne Advantage-Macomb?

Yes, if you fall in any of these categories, you are ineligible for the program: 

  • International students on F-1 or J-1 visas
  • Some club sport participants, if the governing body prohibits concurrent enrollment participation (check with your club to determine your status)
  • TIP Phase I students
  • Graduate and Post-Bachelor's students

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Contact us

Have more questions? Please contact Doug Peacock, Wayne Advantage coordinator,

University Advising Center
1600 Undergraduate Library
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313-577-3143 | wayneadvantage@wayne.edu