Alternative admission pathways

APEX Scholars

APEX Scholars is an alternative admission program designed to assist students with admission to and graduation from Wayne State University. The program is based on the philosophy that students who are interested, committed and willing to invest their time can succeed academically when provided with appropriate support services.  

To be considered for APEX Scholars, you must be referred through the undergraduate admissions referral process. After referral, you must schedule and attend the New Student Holistic Review to be considered for one of the WSU Bridge programs.

Referred applications to APEX Scholars will be reviewed holistically, including evaluation of full academic record, types of classes taken, grade trends and personal history.

Summer Bridge programs

Summer Bridge is a rigorous, eight-week program designed to determine if you can progress in a degree program and graduate from Wayne State.

  • Courses are designed to enhance academic skills and strengthen student awareness and responsibility.
  • As a Summer Bridge student, you are expected to fully participate in mandatory student success activities.
  • You must pass each Summer Bridge course with a C or better to be admitted into the APEX Scholars program for the fall semester.
  • Summer Bridge is offered free of charge if you're selected for participation.

Tuition costs and other fees associated with the Fall Bridge program are the responsibility of the student.

Other admission options

  • Nonmatriculant admission status allows you take classes at the undergraduate or graduate level without enrolling in a degree-seeking program. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 313-577-2100 to learn more.