Note-taking assistance

Students who have a disability or condition that limits their ability to take adequate classroom notes may qualify for note-taking accommodations. Eligible SDS students may utilize their note-taking accommodation by using a digital voice recorder in the classroom to record lectures. Digital voice recorders are purchased by the student.

Similarly, a note taker may be identified as the most appropriate note-taking accommodation for a registered SDS student. Note takers are solicited in class on a volunteer basis. The professor may ask for a volunteer note taker or circulate a sign-up sheet in class for volunteers. This request is done without identifying the SDS student. Copies of notes can be distributed by the professor. When a volunteer note taker is identified, that student may choose to use carbonless paper supplied by SDS. If a volunteer note taker prefers to take notes on their own paper, SDS will photocopy notes in our office.

Important information if you are receiving notes from a volunteer note taker:

  • Students receiving note-taking accommodations may choose to disclose their identity to the volunteer note taker.
  • Students must attend class to obtain notes from a note taker.
  • If you have disclosed your identity to your note taker, notify them if you decide to withdraw from the class.
  • If you have difficulty reading the notes given to you, it is your responsibility to communicate this to the professor or note taker.
  • Having a note taker does not mean you are exempt from taking class notes. Taking class notes helps you concentrate on the lecture, so stay connected by taking whatever notes you can.