Alternative text format

Alternative Media is the term applied to required course material such as textbooks, electronic documents, exams and other printed materials the student needs converted into an accessible format.. Students with documented disabilities such as a visual impairment, reading or learning disability, attention deficit disorder, or a physical disability which makes reading and understanding standard print difficult or impossible may be eligible for an accommodation of alternate text format.

Students who receive the accommodation of alternate text format are responsible for:

  • Having current semester accommodation letters.
  • Completing the SDS request for alternate media/textbooks form for each text needed in alternate format.
  • Meeting with the SDS assistive technology technician for instructions on how to use requested alternate format materials with the appropriate equipment or software.

Note: Securing alternative media is often time consuming. Students who use alternative media are encouraged to get their accommodation letters and make alternate media requests prior to the beginning of the semester. This may require communicating with professors before the start of classes.