How to register with Student Disability Services (SDS)

  1. Admission to the university: To register with SDS, you must first be admitted as a student to Wayne State University.
  2. Intake appointment and form: Schedule an intake appointment with an SDS disability specialist by calling 313-577-1851 (TTY: 313-577-3365). The Student Disability Services Intake form can be filled out prior to your intake appointment.
  3. Provide documentation of disability: If you are registering with SDS, you will need to read the Disability Documentation Guidelines that apply to everyone along with the documentation guidelines for the specific disability you have.

    In order to register with SDS, you must have sufficient documentation. Providing SDS with documentation in advance of your intake appointment will expedite the intake process.

    You are strongly encouraged to submit your documentation prior to the intake. Documentation can be faxed to SDS at 313-577-4898 or delivered in person. If it is not possible to provide documentation prior to your appointment, please bring the documentation to your intake appointment.

  4. Meeting with the disability specialist: At the intake appointment you will discuss the history of your disability with the disability specialist. You should have a good understanding of your disability and how it impacts your learning. Appropriate and reasonable accommodations will be discussed and the disability specialist will issue accommodation letters that you will give to your professors. Assistive technology needs will also be discussed and requests processed.

    You must also provide the disability specialist with your current class schedule if you are registered for classes. After your intake is complete, follow-up appointments may be scheduled with your disability specialist.

What to bring to your intake appointment:

  • Completed intake form.
  • Sufficient documentation of disability.
  • Current class schedule.

As a registered student with SDS, you may:

  • Use priority registration for classes.
  • Use SDS study rooms.
  • Engage in ongoing support from your disability specialist throughout the semester.