Faculty resources

Working with students with disabilities

Liaison program

The SDS office provides a liaison program for staff, faculty and administrators who are willing to volunteer to be a liaison between their department and the disability office. The program has been very successful in communicating information to the faculty regarding institutional and student responsibility, along with proper protocols for working with students with disabilities. The liaison training program assists liaisons in having a working knowledge of how the university responds to the federal requirements under Section 504 and ADA. The program also works to assist departments in developing written systems that provide faculty with methods of delivery for accommodations, including classrooms labs and teaching assistants.

Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology (DO-IT)

The University of Washington has developed a comprehensive website, DO-IT, around issues of disabilities. They have incorporated information from around the United States to assist faculty and students in learning about individual empowerment and barrier reduction through the use of technology and universal design.

In Their Shoes

“In Their Shoes” is an interactive, web-based training program for faculty and staff. The video presentation last approximately one  hour.

  • You will need the WSU college ID in order to view the video. Please contact Randie Kruman at rskruman@wayne.edu to request this ID. 

Note: When you link to the website, you will be offered two presentation modes. You may either watch the video or access the content as a text-only presentation. As text only, you would be able to use screen reading software if you have a visual impairment. After introductory remarks in the presentation, you will be asked to provide our college ID. At some point in the presentation you will be given a user ID, but you can continue watching the video without this.