Tuition and fee information

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How much will this cost?

Wayne State students are assessed tuition each semester based on their residency, credit hours, year in school, division status, academic program, and school or college. See the Tuition and Fee Schedule (PDF) for detailed tuition information. Students can also determine specific costs by using the Tuition and Fee Calculator.

Tuition Equity Program: In-state tuition

Michigan boasts 15 excellent public universities, each with a strong focus on educating the leaders, thinkers and creators of the future. As a key institution on that list, Wayne State is pleased to offer in-state tuition rates to Michigan residents. In addition, students who attend and graduate from Michigan high schools or have U.S. military service status may also qualify for in-state tuition. And those living in states or provinces bordering a Great Lake may be eligible for in-state tuition plus 10 percent. For a complete explanation, see Qualifying for in-state tuition.

Reduced tuition for senior citizens (excludes law, MD and PharmD programs)

Students age 60 or older are entitled to a 75 percent reduction of the regular tuition rate.

  • Students are responsible for the entire amount of the registration, fitness center and student service fees as well as any additional class-related fees.
  • Eligible students must submit proof of age (e.g. copy of Michigan driver's license or birth certificate) by mailing it to

    Records and Registration
    5057 Woodward, fifth floor 
    Detroit, MI 48202

    The document can also be faxed to 313-577-7870 with name and ID number included.

Spring/Summer Tuition Break

Attending class year-round not only makes graduation arrive sooner, it can also help students save money. This award allows full-time undergraduate students to qualify for a 30 percent tuition discount toward spring/summer classes. To be eligible, students must be enrolled full-time during the fall 2014 and winter 2015 semesters, complete at least 24 credits between both terms and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. Please note that the Spring/Summer Tuition Break cannot be combined with other tuition discounts (including employee and dependent discounts, senior citizen discounts and the Great Lakes Award), and will be applied as a financial aid award, which may affect a student’s spring/summer federal and institutional aid. Students with questions about the spring/summer tuition break should refer to the FAQ or contact the Student Service Center at 313-577-2100 or

Matriculation fee

Students will automatically be billed a $250 matriculation fee at the time tuition and fees are assessed, regardless of orientation program attendance. This fee covers the cost of orientation, graduation and commencement.

For additional information, contact the Student Service Center at 313-577-2100 or email

Registration fee

The registration fee is charged to all students every semester. Any student registering after the early-priority registration dates (as indicated on the registration calendar) will be charged a $35 late-registration fee if completed before the start of classes and $70 if completed after the start of classes. Please refer to the Registration Calendar for specific tuition cancellation dates.

Course material fees

Courses listed as having special fees require certain payments in addition to tuition. The fee may be cancelled when the course is officially dropped within the tuition cancellation period. Contact the department offering the course for more information.

Fitness center maintenance fee

The fitness center maintenance fee is assessed to all students each term of enrollment. 

  • The revenue is used for maintenance and is not a usage fee. 
  • The fee is subject to cancellation only when all classes are dropped within the tuition cancellation period.
  • For all other drops or withdrawals, the fee is non-refundable.

Student service fee

The student service fee is primarily used to maintain, upgrade and replace student computing and technology resources on campus. A small portion is also used to fund student activities on campus and enhance programs directed toward improving on-campus activities, including athletics. The student service fee is assessed to all students. Please refer to the tuition and fee schedule for the current term's rate.

Class ranking

Tuition is based in part on division status, which is determined by the number of credits an undergraduate has completed. 

Lower division

  • Freshman: 0 – 28.99 credits, inclusive.
  • Sophomore: 29 – 55.99 credits, inclusive.

Upper division

  • Junior: 56 – 87.99 credits, inclusive.
  • Senior: 88 credits and above.