How to register for classes

Spring/Summer registration

Class standing Date
Graduate students Feb. 8
7 a.m.-midnight
Seniors (88+ credits) Feb. 9
7 a.m.-midnight
Juniors (56-87 credits) and APEX Scholars
Feb. 10
7 a.m.-midnight
Sophomores (29-55 credits) Feb. 11
7 a.m.-midnight
Freshmen (0-28 credits) Feb. 12
7 a.m.-midnight

Beginning in early February, Wayne State will initiate registration for Spring/Summer term with an introductory week of “Priority Registration” -- or course registration on a rolling basis. This practice is used widely at universities across the country.

In brief, this course registration process will give upper-level students such as seniors a day to register for classes relative to other students who have accumulated fewer credit hours. In turn, juniors will have a day to register before sophomores, and so on.

The new process will have important benefits:

  • Reduced time to graduation: Upper-level students will be able to register for the courses they need to graduate before those courses reach their enrollment limit.
  • Enhanced connectivity to the online registration system: Because the registration process will be spread out over several days, fewer students will be trying to register simultaneously, thus reducing the likelihood of computer system crashes.

Please note:

Students still need to resolve any financial aid issues before registering for courses.

Class standing (i.e., seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen) is based on the number of credit hours a student has completed at the time of registration. Class standing does not include course credits a student is currently taking but has not yet completed.

This process is cumulative, meaning that once students have reached their assigned day for registration, they can continue registering in subsequent days, as well.


Search for your course(s).

Select the subject and course to see details.

Review course-specific dates and times.

Finalize your selection and add it to your "Wish List".

Selected courses will appear here:

Multiple courses can be added to your "Wish List".

If a course is a "linked course" then an extra step is necessary.

A single course may require a lecture (LCT) and a lab (LAB) to be added.

Read the details about the course for its specific requirements.

Review your courses in the "Wish List" area.

Log in with your AccessID to register for your "Wish List" courses.

Read and confirm the Financial Responsibility Agreement.

Read and confirm the Course Deadlines Policy.

The courses will be added to the form automatically.

Click "Submit Changes" to register for the courses.

Use the "Action" area per course if you need to make changes.

Registration Tutorial (PDF)