Featured Experts

  • Abramowicz, Sarah Associate professor
    Wayne Law
    family and divorce law.
  • Ackerman, Robert Professor
    Wayne Law
    dispute resolution,  product liability .
  • Bartell, Laura Professor
    Wayne Law
    bankruptcy law.
  • Basu, Amar Associate professor
    Electrical and computer engineering
    electrical engineering,  biotechnology.
  • Beecher-Monas, Erica Professor
    Wayne Law
    corporate law.
  • Benson, Jocelyn Dean
    Law School
    American politics,  racial and gender discrimination .
  • Browne, Kingsley Assistant professor
    Wayne Law
    employment law.
  • Cancelosi, Susan Associate professor
    Wayne Law
    Medicare and Medicaide law,  elder law.
  • Carlson, Kristen Assistant professor
    Wayne Law
    civil law,  American Indian law.
  • Cavanaugh, John Professor
    Biomedical engineering
    biomechanics,  automotive safety ,  biomedical engineering,  brain injury biomechanics.
  • Chelst, Kenneth Director of engineering management
    Engineering management research
    emergency services logistics.
  • Chinnam, Ratna Professor
    Industrial engineering
    big data.
  • Cook, Blanche Assistant professor
    Wayne Law
    criminal procedure,  gender discrimination,  sex trafficking .
  • Datta, Tapan Professor
    Civil and environmental engineering
    traffic engineering,  civil engineering,  highway safety.
  • Dillof, Anthony Associate professor
    Wayne Law
    hate crimes.