What is WayneDirect?
WayneDirect is a program for prospective and currently enrolled community college students who are interested in transferring to Wayne State University to earn a bachelor’s degree. The program gives community college students opportunities to learn more about Wayne State University’s academic programs, participate in campus events and activities, and obtain early admission to the university. Through WayneDirect, students have access to special services that will assist them in their transition to Wayne State and increase their likelihood of academic success.

What schools are participating in WayneDirect?
Partners in the WayneDirect program include Wayne County Community College District and Henry Ford Community College.

Is there an application fee for WayneDirect?
No. There is no application fee for WayneDirect.

If I participate in WayneDirect, will all of my courses transfer?
Only those courses deemed transferable by Wayne State University will transfer. View the transfer equivalency table and transfer plans for your community college to find out which credits will transfer.

If I participate in WayneDirect and receive my associate's degree, will all of my general education courses be fulfilled?
Wayne State will follow the MACRAO agreement when accepting general education requirements. You can find more information about the MACRAO agreement here. You should speak with your academic advisor to determine which general education requirements can be fulfilled for your specific major or program.

If I am a WayneDirect participant, do I need to have my updated transcripts sent to Wayne State at the end of each semester?
If you are a Wayne County Community College District participant, your transcripts are automatically sent to Wayne State University. If you attend any other community college, you must request that your transcripts be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. 

  • It is only required to have your official transcripts sent with your WayneDirect application if you have already completed courses at the community college.

  • WayneDirect does not ensure admission to professional programs or other degree programs with special admission criteria.
  • WayneDirect students who are interested in applying to a professional program or other degree program with special admission criteria must complete the application process for that particular program.