Grades K-5

Welcome elementary school students! In the K-5 brochure, you can play a tic-tac-toe game with a friend, create a picture of what you want to be when you grow up and learn about solid study habits that will help you in school.

Tips for Studying

  • Make a rule to study a certain amount of time each night. You don’t have to set aside a long time, try 30 or 45 minutes each day. And make sure that you finish your studying before you play any games or watch TV.
  • Ask your family for help if you need it. It’s better to ask for help than not understand your schoolwork.
  • Flashcards can be fun! You can make flashcards to help with any subject you want.

During the summer there are a lot of activities you can join at Wayne State. Check out the K-12 programs with your parents to see the different camps you can join.

Now it’s time to play! Grab your pencil and crayons and print out the games below.  

Connect the dots (PDF)
Word search (PDF)