Grades 9-11

Welcome high school students! Start preparing for admission to Wayne State now. Below are resources and other information to help you work toward admission to WSU.

Admission requirements

At Wayne State, we know that students come from different backgrounds and experiences. That's why we look at each individual applicant as that - an individual. An admissions counselor will review your grade-point average, ACT or SAT score and any other supporting documentation you provide us or we request from you. Home schooled students are strongly encouraged to meet personally with an admissions counselor prior to initial enrollment.

Give our admission application a once-over and let us know if you have any questions.

Paying for college

We know that college may sound like it’s expensive. The good news is, there are ways you can get some assistance for your education. Wayne State provides both need- and merit-based financial aid and scholarships for its students.

When we talk about need-based financial aid and scholarships, we mean that students whose parents meet a certain income requirement may be able to receive some money to help pay for college.

Merit-based financial aid and scholarships are based on how well you perform academically. So, your grades in school, test scores, designated major and extracurricular activities may all be things taken into consideration for these types of awards.

Learn more about WSU's financial aid and scholarship information for financial options to help pay for college.


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