Grades 6-8

Welcome middle school students! On this site you can check out different career paths and what courses you will take in college, experience a day in the life of a freshman at Wayne State, do a cool science experiment and review what classes you should take in high school.

Career and your college major

Choosing a career or a major isn’t easy. If you don’t know what you want to be yet, that’s okay, you still have time to decide. If you want to get a jumpstart on thinking of different careers you can take a look below, or talk to your parents or older brothers and sisters for ideas.

Here are just a few careers for you to consider. We’ve also listed some classes you would want to take in college and the major you would choose to go in to the specific career.

Major: Music or Theatre
Classes you might take: Voice, Ear Training, Acting, Stage Movement

Business executive
Major: Business Administration, Management
Classes you might take: Corporate Financial Strategies, Marketing Management, Principles of Advertising, Business Information Systems

Major: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics
Classes you might take: Cell Biology, Chemistry and Your World, Programming Languages, Energy and the Environment

Major: Education
Classes you might take: Science Curriculum, Literature for Children, Introduction to Counseling, Teaching: Research, Theory and Practice

What’s it like to be a freshman in college?

We know it’s hard to think about college already, but you will be applying to schools before you know it! You know that when you go to college you might get to pick your own classes, live on campus, and join a sorority or fraternity. But, what is it really like? We had a freshman at Wayne State keep track of a typical day at school.

What should I do now?

Well now that you’ve considered different majors and careers and you know what it’s like to be in college you should focus on what’s next: studying and high school. We’ve put together a few things to help.

  • Take a break from TV and conduct your own chemistry experiment.
  • Read through the suggested curriculum guideline. The guide outlines the classes you should take in high school so that when it’s time for you to apply to colleges you are ready.
  • Don’t let summer pass you by! You can have fun this summer by participating in a Wayne State summer program. We offer everything from computer camp to dance to basketball workshops!

Middle school brochure (PDF)