Community college counselors

As a community college counselor or advisor, you are on the front lines for students when they're making decisions about transferring institutions. The following resources will help you provide information to your students about Wayne State University.

Admission requirements

Transfer student applicants have a different set of requirements than freshman applicants. However, they must submit the same types of documents - undergraduate admission application and official transcripts from all accredited institutions attended. In some cases students want to transfer with less than 24 transferable credit hours. We then require students to submit their official high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores as well, so long as they meet the required 2.5 cumulative GPA.

If you're one of our Canadian counselors or advisors, check out the Canadian transfer student admission requirements here.


This community college transfer program is designed to familiarize students with the university before they fully transfer here to complete a bachelor's degree. We currently have a WayneDirect partnership with Wayne County Community College District, Henry Ford College and Macomb Community College.


Wayne State has a couple of different ways transfer students can receive scholarships. We have a private scholarship application process by which students can apply for private university scholarships based on need and/or merit. Our private scholarship deadline is Jan. 31 of each year for the upcoming academic year. Students also can apply for departmental scholarships within their specific area of interest or major.

Transfer credit

We've developed an equivalency table for your university or college so that your students can figure out how their credit will transfer to Wayne State. There also are transfer plans for students and advisors to follow if a student starts a program at a community college and wants to finish his/her bachelor's degree at Wayne State.

Request information

Need printed information about Wayne State? Have materials sent to your school by contacting us.