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How to register for classes

Fall registration

Class standing Date
Graduate students March 28
7 a.m.-midnight
Seniors (88+ credits) March 29
7 a.m.-midnight
Juniors (56-87 credits) and APEX Scholars
March 30
7 a.m.-midnight
Sophomores (29-55 credits) March 31
7 a.m.-midnight
Freshmen (0-28 credits) April 1
7 a.m.-midnight

Spring/Summer registration

Class standing Date
Graduate students Feb. 8
7 a.m.-midnight
Seniors (88+ credits) Feb. 9
7 a.m.-midnight
Juniors (56-87 credits) and APEX Scholars
Feb. 10
7 a.m.-midnight
Sophomores (29-55 credits) Feb. 11
7 a.m.-midnight
Freshmen (0-28 credits) Feb. 12
7 a.m.-midnight

Wayne State offers 30 percent cut for tuition, housing for 2016 spring/summer semesters

To be eligible for the Spring/Summer Tuition Break program, students must have registered and be on track to complete 24 credits between fall 2015 and winter 2016, and must have had a cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.5 at the end of fall 2015. Read more ...

Visit classschedule.wayne.edu.

Search for your course(s).

Select the subject and course to see details.

Review course-specific dates and times.

Finalize your selection and add it to your "Wish List".

Selected courses will appear here:

Multiple courses can be added to your "Wish List".

If a course is a "linked course" then an extra step is necessary.

A single course may require a lecture (LCT) and a lab (LAB) to be added.

Read the details about the course for its specific requirements.

Review your courses in the "Wish List" area.

Log in with your AccessID to register for your "Wish List" courses.

Read and confirm the Financial Responsibility Agreement.

Read and confirm the Course Deadlines Policy.

The courses will be added to the form automatically.

Click "Submit Changes" to register for the courses.

Use the "Action" area per course if you need to make changes.

Registration Tutorial (PDF)